Thursday, September 04, 2008

new "art" for my eyes

Well, that's what it feels like. New things to see, .. things that just aren't apart of my everyday life at home. I'm totally enjoying it all. Just being able to stop at an outdoor market and having all this great fresh produce right here , to choose from.

Sandy's laughing at me.. and wondering if we just don't grow any of this in Nebraska , or something.??? We do have "some"things..but I'm certainly not used to this variety of berries and fruits available..and this handy.

Everything looks wonderful..and the colors....oh.. so beautiful.

I'd love to have a place like this , so close to my house , that I could just stop at so easily.

Just sharing a few other photos from our walk the other day. I cant wait to share some of my photos of China Town. And I will soon. Cindy is putting them on a disc for me , at her house tonight.

I can not get over the hydrangea here. I want this bush in "MY" back yard.

The ocean is always so intriguing for me , anytime I travel and get to be near it. I think it's just because I didn't grow up or ever live anywhere near it , so it's just so different for me.
That.. and the fact that it's just so massive.. and beautiful!

Last night our friend Cindy (Crafty Secrets graphic designer), had us over for the most wonderful dinner. It was just so nice... and such great conversation with everyone there.

I totally enjoyed every minute!!

Of course.. we watched , "Tilly and the Wall" on 90210 last night!!!! Woo HOO!!

** Proud Aunt Alert** lol


Tomorrow we are going to have to be up EARLY to catch the ferry over to Victoria. I cant wait to see Victory because I've never been there before, and hear how beautiful it is.

As much as I'm not really a morning person.. I'll be wide away and ready to go.. because I cant wait for the fairy ride. ha!