Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New layout / Page Frame

Once again, I've been giving alot of thought to documenting and scrapping my favorite photos , whether they are the best quality photos or not. Like I've talked about so many times before,.. "Really Good" photos seem to have become such a big deal in the scrapbook world lately. You know I LOVE a great photos... but I have lots of photos like this one ,that are defiantly not really great quality, but I love them , none the less. I never want to forget the reason I started scrapping in the first place. Well two reasons.. one to preserve the memories, and two, because it was a perfect creative outlet for me.
So...these photos WILL be scrapped. lol
This photo is one I treasure. It's of my niece Rhonda (who is just 2 months younger then I am) , and I wish my cat.. Satin.
I'm in the front with my Cat and Rhonda with the lighter colored clothes just behind.
As much as I say, my least favorite color is yellow..this "buttery yellow" color of the new Jenni Bowlin line is so beautiful!
I now have this layout in a 12x12 Page Frame. I just took it out to photograph it with out the glare. You can see it in the Page Frame here

lol.. hey, I kind of have that same hair style now.

What will I do when I run out of that vintage trim? I'll be so sad. I just love it.


Jarad came out for dinner last night. It was great to spend time with him. And boy does he enjoy a home cooked mean. We enjoyed lots of the garden goods we brought home from Aunt Donna and Uncle Al's garden.. and were they ever good.
Dan and Jarad aren't big fans of beets, but boy, I thought they were great.

I had to laugh a bit , when I saw this playing out. Dan has been working on cutting down the big tree that fell. When Jarad got here, Dan said, "Hey I need you your help for just a minute before you leave"

Now that's an understatement. ha Who's doing the work here? Priceless!

Molly waits patiently for Jarad to finish, so he can play Frisbee.

Finally, her patience pays off.

I guess I was patient and waited my turn also, because I spent the evening with Jarad, and it was so nice. We ran around to pick up a few things, and then I helped him with some things at his house he was working on. He's been working 7 days a week, so I'm happy to take the time with him when I can get it. He works alot of hours at work, and now will be starting his next session of classes soon, so he'll be busier than ever. It was great to hang with him for a bit. He had friends stop by later in the evening , so I decided that was a good time for me to head home, so he could chat with them. It was a really nice evening. Can you tell I'm still trying to adjust to this "empty nest" thing??? Once a mom, always a mom. lol
Oh.. and for those of you who might be wondering , I heard from my sister-in-law that he boss who took the kitten , said it is doing really well. They have really taken it under their wing.
Okay, I better get to work and get something done today. Seems I've been out and about alot lately, so I better get busy working on something huh? ha
Hope you all have a fantastic day!


harrahx2 said...

Okay, just send the pickles and the beets and we'll all be happy. I want to be you when I grow up! I want to be your neighbor. I want to send my pictures and have you do them in scrapbooks....please? huh, huh, huh? I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous!

rose said...

first thing I said to myself was "Yellow" vicki does not do yellow,but I can tell you this is just stunning and I think a beautiful mellow yellow!!and great memories lol!
oh gotta love pickles and beet and look at the size of the tree. Glad miss molly got play time
and you got some mother & Son time

cindy said...

Great layout! Especially love the colors!


chelemom said...

This is gorgeous!!!!

janel said...

Loving that layout and the Jenni. Have that kit sitting on my desk asking for attention...better get myself busy. Love that you got time with J. I have been especially lonesome for my kids this past week.Maybe it is fall, but I have really been missing them too. Always a mom .. I had no idea 25 years ago the heartstrings would be SO strong.
Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

I love the layout! Very cute and I love the sewing on it and you are so sweet holding little Satin. It reminds me that I have some pictures I would like to scrap of myself and my cousins...I look like some poor little kid! I'll have to find that pic and do a page.

Precious Treasures said...

Empty nesting has to be hard. At least you have lots of hobbies and lots of friends. :)

You are a great mom!

That paper you used on your layouts looks very familiar *wink*

MJ said...

I know time will pass fast enough but it sure seems appealing to have adult kids who can help with things! Meanwhile, the timer and threats of confiscation of toys are the best I can do to enlist help!

KimmyS said...

That layout is wonderful. I love how the subtle black makes everything juts stand out more. Totally sophisticated and beautiful. I am usually also not a lover of yellow but those papers and buttons are yummy

Catherine said...

Love the page - you were such a cutie pie! Give Miss Molly a hug for me and tell her I said hey :-) Miss her too....have a great day - get out of your room a little bit!!`

Judy B said...

Oh Vicki, I just love that Layout...It is divine. Love that vintage trim as well!!! That food looked so inviting. I want to come for dinner at your house sometime...Your food pics always make me hungry (HAHA)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I have that same challenge! I keep having to remind myself that I'm not a photographer, and that most of the people in the magazines are much more enthusiastic about photography than I am! At this point in my life, I think I'd rather spend more time making the memory than shooting it, even if that means grabbing a shot with my camera phone!

LOVE your layout!