Monday, September 08, 2008

Photos from Chinatown

Well, here it is going on 9pm and I'm just getting around to posting on my blog today. I woke up with a headache and it pretty much stayed for the day. Got a whole lot of nothing done. grr

I spent the day with the rice sock. It 's alot better now..but I slept so much off and on today, I probably wont be able to sleep tonight. For now ,just glad the headache is gone.

Wanted to share these last photos with you. These were taken when we went to Chinatown in Vancouver.

This was so cool to me. Something so different from anything I see here in Nebraska for sure.

Beautiful colors everywhere you turned.

I could have taken photos here all day.

I was truly amazed at all the jars of "things". Almost glad I did know what some of them were. lol

Things I didn't even know existed. ha

totally interesting things to check out ..everywhere.

I enjoyed the day , so much.


Hope to get back to working on something creative now. I certainly have enough projects sitting here calling my name. ha

Since I've been home I've been playing momma to a stray kitten someone dumped off out here in the country. I need to find it a home or take it in to the shelter , because I am going to get to attached to it.. and we CAN NOT have a cat. So far I've managed to make it a home in a box out on the deck. I tipped the box on it's side and put a towel in it, and gave it milk and food. It came and went during the day, but slept in the box last night and is in there again tonight. I makes me so mad that people can do that ..just dump a helpless little animal. Someone obviously had it, because it has a flea collar on. We have this happen alot out here, since we are just a couple miles out of town. So far I've managed to keep the dogs out of the know..but letting them out the other door..but I cant keep this up. Hey,... if you live in Nebraska, and have a home for a lovable , sweet little kitten.. let me know!

It's breaking my heart. I have to find it a home. I cant keep it because of the dogs, and I'm worried out it getting hit on these county roads. It just so tame and lovable just needs a good home.


katestamps716 said...

Cute cat...thanks for taking it in. I can't believe people do things like that. But I thought you should know, most experts agree that the majority of cats are lactose-intolerant. Basically, cats cannot digest the inherent sugars. Dogs and cats do not have the proper digestive enzymes to break down the sugar in milk and as a result, with the ingestion of milk, lactose tends to ferment in the intestine and cause diarrhea. Although for human babies, milk is vital to nourishment, this is not the case for cats.

Jessica said...

Hi Vicki! I've been enjoying your photos of Canada and am glad you're home safe. I adore cats and it makes me sick how some people treat them like garbage. Your little guy may already have been hit by a car because it looks like he has road rash on his nose. I'll be praying for a home for him!

janel said...

Oh sweet goodness. What an adorable cat. Those whiskers are something else. Wish I could help you out and take her..I think it would be terribly difficult to not get attached....good luck.
Loving your Chinatown photos. Amazed at all that product. So glad you enjoyed your trip.
Ironic that you spent the day with the "rice pack"...hope you feel better and can rest tonight.
Take care.

MJ said...

Poor kitten. I understand your predicament too.

I've been going online and watching the Humane Society's websites and the numbers of abandoned cats at Humane Societies is overwhelming. It is sad.

Good luck finding a new owner!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hope your headache gets better! Come by my blog and see what happens to the cats in our home. Laurie

Angie said...

Beautiful pictures from your getaway Vicki. I live out in the country too and I can't believe all the people that just drop off their animals, it's heartbreaking. I hope you find a good home for him soon.