Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're back

Just got back this evening.. and I've had just enough fresh South Dakota air , that I'll be ready to head for bed for a good nights sleep here in a bit..but wanted to share some photos. I'll be posting a project tomorrow.
We had such a fantastic time! It was great weather , fun to spend time with Jan and mom and to get to visit with my Aunt's a Uncle, and cousins. The time flew by!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


janel said...

Oh my goodness..those photos could be a chamber of commerce ad for the state of South Dakota....they are wonderful. Life is so so good!!!!
Glad you are home safe and sound, with memories of family, food, and fun...all rolled up in one. Sleep tight!

MJ said...

I wonder whether you heard ringing in your ears on Friday? I was speaking of you! I was looking for a local supplier of Crafty Secrets because I'm participating in a swap! Of course I had to check out your blog for Halloween ideas and mentioned you to the retailer! Ah, your influence runs far! Crafty Secrets supplies here they come!

Nat said...

yeahh - she is back :-) Thanks for pictures!

Heartwarming Vintage said...

Hi Vic, your photos all look fabulous and have me yearnng for some open roads and country air!
It looks like you had a great trip and you really captured the essence of the countyside in those photographs! Your travel photos have all been SO GOOD - maybe you need to start entering some photo contests girl!

Michelle said...

I love reading about and seeing photo's of all of your adventures!