Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Projects

I think I rocked everyones world with skipping Halloween , Thanksgiving and Christmas.. and jumping right to Valentines Day .. yesterday.. so I'm taking a step, or two back to "Fall" atleast.
haha.. Well, for today anyway! I have been working on Val Day projects with my new Fancy Pants papers.. so look out... we'll back on Valentines next week. ha

I thought I'd share a few more "fallish" projects from last year.. ( while I'm busy working on Val day now) lol
Papers and Images Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
Crafty Secrets Halloween images ... have always been my very favorites.... soooo cute!

Below is a gift bag project done a few years ago for Scrapbook Answers. The assignment was to create a gift bag incorporating things you would have around the house. I started with a plain brown "handled" bag... added Halloween stickers from Crafty Secrets... and some sticker letters and patterned papers.

The black "tissue type" papers for the inside are from a black bag.. cut with a deco scissors.. and the filler pieces are from paper scraps that were run through a paper shredder. ( I put a number of them together at one time and folded them for the crumpled look)

I've been meaning to share these photos from the UNO magizine. It's an article about Neely (and Tilly and the Wall).

* Thanks Patti, for sending this to me. I hadn't seen it yet, and she was nice enough to send me a copy.

I had an email from Neely yesterday and they are having a great time , on tour in England right now.
( Neely is in the middle in this shot)**********************************************************
Okay.. since this post is all over the place anyway.. I'm changing gears again. I wanted to answer a couple of questions. First .. I number of you have emailed asking what kind of sewing machine I use. Well.. the most inexpensive machine Walmart sells. lol
I love it and it works great for me... a total "paper" sewing girl. This machine hasn't seen much fabic. lol

***Glimmer Mist color update***
The other thing I wanted to mention , so you would all be aware if you were interested in the color. My friend Shawn T mentioned to me that the other day when I posted the Paper Mache Christmas boxes , the color I had posted was "Hollyberry". After looking she emailed saying she couldn't find it on listed on the Tattered Angels website... that's because the name was changed quite some time ago to "Red Velvet" Just wanted to let you all know about that correction.

One last thing to share. I love seeing random art in different places.. and the other day when I was in Lincoln I saw this fun, colorful painting on the side of this building. Kudos to them for brightening up this area with something so cheery!

Since this post couldn be more "random".. I'll toss in something else . haha Catherine has some great things on sale in her etsy right now... if you want to check them out. They are gorgeous!
Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

Okay kids... go play! tee hee


Jessica said...

Whew! Thank you for rewinding back to the present! LOL! ;) I think my brain almost exploded when I saw the Valentine projects. jk
I love your Crafty Secrets stuff, especially that Halloween bag. Great idea for a fast and easy project.
Thanks for the sewing machine info. I have the Janome mini and it's a piece of junk and I can't take it back. At least Walmart takes returns!

rose said...

oh great projects love the hallowen bag argh so we are back in the fall period lol!!!
oh tilly & the wall are just up the road from me at leeds-cockpit tomorrow,35 minute drive,but just realised ! shucks to late to get sorted in time to go

janel said...

Random is my style, so loving this post. Tilly is such a cutie, and am happy they are having such a great tour. Happy Everything to one of my favorite scrappers!

Kara Ward said...

I too love the Crafty Secrets Vintage Images. I call myself a collector. Neeley is so cute. I wish I was in England on Tour. How cool does that sound? I would be pinching myself every day. Girl, I am a random as you. LOL...Catherine's work is amazing. So glad I met her through you! Neat girl. Kara

MizSmoochieLips said...

Lovin' your creations :) And I'm a sucker for "graffiti" art too!

chelemom said...

You are killing me with these CUTE projects!!!! LOVE 'em!

Sugar Bear said...

Fabulous Halloween goodies! The bag is my favorite.

Deb S. said...

i love the crafty secrets vintage halloween stuff! super cute! so is neely. hope she is having a great time in england,wish i was there too.maybe this gloomy weather would be ok then! lol!

Catherine said...

THANKS for the shout out Vic....I haven't listed them on my Etsy..I wanted to try something different and sell them through my blog, email me for questions...

THANKS dear!

Shawn said...

ahhh thanks for posting some fall projects I was feeling a bit behind! :) Love the crinkles in the bag great idea!

KimmyS said...

eeeak - I didn't know the Tily@s were touring in England right now. Why didn't ya tell me?? I could have gone seen them *whines*
Well, there's always the next time right?

Gorgeous projects btw, love them to bits