Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I might end up changing this out , but thought I'd share the lamp shade frame after it 's been painted. I added some trims and a flower to the narrow part..

some crystals... and some clips to hang things from.

I'll probably end up changing this ,but I just wanted to get it up and look at it a while..before I decide. Thought at least you could get the idea of that I was talking about , from this photo.

Yesterday we had to make a run out to the cabin, so we took the pups long for the ride. They loved it. It was a beautiful day.
This half torn down building down the road from where our cabin is has been sitting there for years. It's just this strange "free standing" wall. But it's just so striking when you walk behind it and see the view of the field.. so perfectly framed. I think I take this same photo every year. lol I still love it.
This photo really is just pretty symbolic of Molly, after thinking about it. lol Always... right on the EDGE.. thinking "Should I"???

All my life I've lived in Nebraska.. and always seen miles and miles of these golden fields all around me when fall rolls around. I've always been told..they are "soy beans". Yesterday I walking across the road from the cabin and looked at "soy beans". hmmm.. I can honestly say, I've never ever known what they really look like.
Just because I'm sure .. if your not "up" on your soybean knowlege.. you... like me.. just NEED to know exactly what they look like.
Here you go

Soybean---The soybean (U.S.) or soya bean (UK) (Glycine max) is a species of legume native to East Asia. It is an annual plant that has been used in China for 5,000 years as a food and a component of drugs. Soy contains significant amounts of all the essential amino acids for humans, and so is a good source of protein. Soybeans are the primary ingredient in many processed foods, including dairy product substitutes.
Well well, after checking this out NEW SOY BEAN USES , I'm pretty impressed with all that can be done with these . check it out. glue, candles, crayons, Composites, carpet, insulation, soy fiber, health and beauty supplies, Lubricants & Hydraulic Fluids, Paints, printing inks, plastics, road materials, ect. ...
There... amazing isn't it, you think your coming by for crafting ideas.. and low and behold you learn about soybeans. lol ( we learned together) ah

Now that you're filled with knowledge. hahah
I'll share something creative tomorrow ... I promise.
Enjoy your evening!


Sharon in NE said...

I have never seen them either. In fact, I was so agriculturally stupid, that I was probably 19 before I realized when they referred to "beans" in Nebraska they weren't talking about green beans. (insert rolling eyes) I had never been on a farm until I was 19, so I'm entitled to some ignorance, but THAT'S pretty bad. I must admit, I was quite disappointed when I found out. I definitely prefer green beans to tofu. ;)

Charmingdesigns said...

oh my, I LOVE the picture of your freestanding wall . Laurie

janel said...

Being an Iowa girl, I always heard about soybeans too. And, it was those soybeans (and corn) that paid for my college. Love the up close view of them. Your new shade is great, and I love how you are using clips on it. Such a find!

kadi said...

Not are you extremely creative you are totally knowledgeable too.. luv ya.

kadi said...

Not are you extremely creative you are totally knowledgeable too.. luv ya.

Ali said...

Amazing pix, amazing thing to see soybeans the way you showeeed them to us-- I had never seen them either. That freestanding wall is AWESOME... what a photo u took Vicki. Holy Hannah: IT'S GORGEOUS. Is Molly mischievous? Sounds like she is just holding herself back (Should I ??") ROFL,that is a cute pic. I think Lucie is part, I wonder about Molly too, since they are SO MUCH alike in looks... Aren't labs partial to the water? GRIN... Have a super w/e. Thanksgiving here in Canada this w/e!

Sugar Bear said...

I love your lampshade frame! I started eating soybeans a few years ago - can't believe I never ate them before!

TattingChic said...

The lampshade is absolutely cute! You did such a great job with that. All your photos are beautiful!

Pearl Maple said...

The lampshade is a cool way of hanging lots of stuff and you have presented your's so decoratively.

You can tell I am from farming stock when we can look at those photos and say yup, that's a soya bean! Thanks for sharing as I am sure lots of folks do not get the opportunity to see them up close.

Precious Treasures said...

Beautiful photographs