Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I inspire me 9

Well, it's the day to post "I inspire me" 9 , inspiration blog projects.. and it's an exra exciting one..because we are the "Featured Blog" on page 20 of the October Issue of
ScrapStreet Magazine. You can check out the article HERE
The girls just blow me away with every post.. seriously.. you have to check out what these creative minds have been up to HERE in this weeks post.
None of this would be taking place if it weren't for the creative brain behind it all.. getting this started.. Lana Rappette.
This weeks inspiration was to be Metal or Wire Inspired
Here is my inspiration

and here is my layout.
Oh..the faces this child comes up with are just beyond funny. ha
Journaling reads: I just have to wonder what it was you were thinking so deeply about… as busy as you were…you took a minute just to stop and ponder.
I used all fancy Pants products for this layout. I used paint on the edges of this clear acrylic piece so that is would sort of "frame" the journaling. I used the grid style lines for my journaling to emulate the wire pattern of the locker basket.

I used white stazon ink on the acrylic letters, and then machine stitched them down.

Please come join in and play along any time. We'd love to have you. It certainly helped open up my eyes to finding design inspiration in the things in my home, that I see everyday.

Okay.. on a personal note... I spent the past 24 hours just being "a mom" ..and it was great.
Even though Wes was thankful for the help last Sunday..getting things moved, and said he was fine...I knew there was still lots for him to do, before he had to be totally moved by today. I don't really know if it was a more a matter of him really needing my help , or "me" just "needing" to help. ha... but one way or the other.. it was a good thing for both , I think.
After I had shown him this cool idea with the album covers, he was thinking it was something he might like to do on one of his big bare walls. The idea I had seen, was using a rod and wire to hang them. We pondered that , and also frames...but after looking around at Hobby Lobby, I saw something I thought might work really well... with alot less work and less expense also.
18 inch wire plate hangers.... $1.97 each. So with a little measuring and 12 little nails..
Wha la!!!

I was laughing at the mix of favorites he chose for this. hmmm..... wonder where this kid got his eclectic taste of music. lol ( more than a couple of those are mine) ha
And I bet it's not the ones you would expect.
The best of the Guess Who, Steve Miller Band, Frampton and TED! lol Love me some Ted Nugent. You think I'm kidding don't you?

Who would have figured , kids would go back to listening to records on turn tables. He has his turn table on a long skinny table underneath and then below ..his albums. (" lots" of them would be an understatement)

Here's what the backs look like. Super easy to hang and to change out whenever you want to.
He said the wires stretched easily.. so that they weren't too tight to make the jacket want to bend. That was good because these where the largest available (atleast there anyway).

He's still got time to move things around as he goes ..but he's like me ..and needed something on the walls ASAP.
I was taking a few pic right before I left and I was in a hurry. I didn't realize my camera was on the wrong setting.. so they are blurry..but you get the idea.
If I haven't lost you already...these photos might be boring for you.. and you might just want to skip them ...but this blog has always been the best way for me to share with my family, sisters, brothers, mom, (Wes's Gram) ,and those we don't live near, what's going on in our lives...

with that said ...I'm move on. ha
Keep in mind ... Wes is all about the music... and you can tell that by his decor. That's why , when I saw the album idea ..I thought of him.

The framed photos before..hung at his other house also. Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Elvis with Chet Atkins.
I thought I was going to have to drag Wes into Hobby Lobby with me kicking and screaming at first..but once we got inside..and found some 50% off ,and great deals on things for his place... I think he somewhat understood the "Mystical Allure of Hobby Lobby" lol. ( I said "Somewhat"...remember..he's a "guy". ha
We found the two metal art deco pieces... One for his living room and one for the kitchen... one for $4.80 and the other $5.20. Now that's what I would call decorating on a budget. Yes!
I love a good deal!!!

Since we worked until late there last night I just crashed there, and headed home from Lincoln this morning. That means... I need to get busy around here to day. eeek
But it was a nice time and I'm glad he's feeling more settled in his new apt. Yesterday and today are his days off from his full time job, but he had to finish up after I left and get ready to head for his pt job... so it's been a busy time all around.
Hope all of you are enjoying your day!


Deb S. said...

love the lo of griffin! that kid has the best facial expresions i've ever seen! so cute!thanks for sharing the photos of wes' cool new place with us. still can't figure you for a Ted lover.... cracks me up!

Sharon in NE said...

LOVE that album art idea! What a great way to see my beloved Zeppelin collection.

rose said...

oh love the layout this has turned out wonderful.
what a really neat way to cover a wall on a budget,but looks like its cost alot more !! wow you got or should I say Ds got some good bargains!

Gretchen said...

ROFL Vicki - too funny! Love me some Ted Nugent too!

janel said...

I love that you were able to wear your "mom" hat as well as your "decorating" hat yesterday. Wes' place looks great and I LOVE the album idea...genius with the way you hung them
You FP layout is great, and I love the way you sewed the chipboard on...he is such a cutie.
Rest up and have a great week.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to display those old albums... no damage to them, easy on the walls and on the budget. Wow, what a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing YOUR inspiration(s).

Precious Treasures said...

You have inspired me to inspire others. We are having a 3 day scrap pink retreat this weekend and one of the "games" is I am giving them objects and they have to creat a layout inspired by the object. I hope it is as fun as I think it will be. :)

Anonymous said...

Griff is just the cutest little guy ever!! I love the album covers on the looks great!

Charlene said...

I'm excited for you to be the feature in Scrapstreet magazine!! I'm in there this week. Its the first time Ive ever submitted to anything....Imaging my surprise when they said I will be in there!! I'd better get on the submission bandwagon!! Have a great day and congratulations!!! Char

Country Liv . . . said...

Wow! Just dropped in to catch up on what's been going on with you. Busy little girl, aren't you! That Griff is so photogenic-he might grow up to be a model or even movie star! LOL! Love the album wall. I really like the manila folder tutorial; it turned out fabulous! Oh, and thanks for the Happy B'day!
Hugs to all in your household and a special one for Sweet Momma!

Terri Conrad said...

Hi Vicki

We've relaunched an all new blog at and linked to beautiful domestic bliss.

Please come visit!

Donna said...

I always look forward to your IIM projects. Love what you did decorating!

bnovacek said...

love wes' apartment! the albums look so cool! love his taste in music :)