Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sharing some photos

I have to thank Tabitha for inviting me to participate in her photography challenge group.. because I think it's really good to be inspiring. Each week has a different.. it's about challenging yourself to step outside of your creative box with a weekly challenge and to in grow your photography skills.

This weeks challege: (3 photos)

**Focus your picture on a part of the subject rather than the whole subject.**




Fun challenge! I cant wait to see what the challenge for next week will be. I can see that these challenges will really help me keep my eyes open and look at things in a different light. ( no pun intended) lol

While I'm at it, I thought I'd share some photos with you that I took on the way home from Paulas the other day. It was just the most absolutly gorgeous fall day, you could ever imagine.

The sky ... so blue..

and the fields are all just golden.

These are the times that I really miss my old four wheel drive beast. ha.. I took it on lots of gravel /dirt road excursions... and never worried about how dirty it got ....

I headed straight for the car wash with my car..after this little drive. ha

But it was totally worth it!


Angie said...

Beautiful photos Vicki.

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, I just got back from a trip to Mass and Maine. I had to spend some time today "catching up" on all your doings. Your photos are great and I used that technique while I was home. I got some fun pics. I was so glad that you "chatted" and caught me up. It was like sitting and talking with you. I really missed my blogs. The bird picture was amazing, the picture frames and all the other things are incredible. I love your ideas for your sons place and I know he appreciates them too. It really brought a lump to my throat hearing that you were down and I just wanted to pick up the phone and say, cheer up, I really love you and all you do and share~ Hope it makes you feel a little better. Thinking of you in Maryland~ Jane Harrah

Bev said...

Love your pic taking! Your a PRO! Wait till you see what I will be sending you!


MJ said...

What great photos! I like the photo challenge of the week! I should keep it in mind. (ie: I didn't accidentally crop her head off, I was deliberately focussing on other body parts! LOL! I have lots of those photos!)

Make sure to pop by around Oct 25 when I'll be displaying my Zombie Jar Swap project! It turned out fabbbbbbulous!

rose said...

oh great picture of fall, I need to go out and get me some for this year,but been so busy! said...

I think, [like us, here in the Annapolis Valley of NS,] that you live in a little piece of heaven, Vicki.
Lovely, lovely photos... TYFS! ~ Ali

PS~~ and Molly *is* Lucie! ROFL, they are soooo alike!

Charlene said...

I need a challenge like this. In fact I was thinking of taking a photography class. What kind of camera do you use? AS ALWAYS... I LOVE YOUR STUFF. I listed you as a favorite on my blog.