Thursday, October 16, 2008

TECC38 / and a winner

And the winner is Renee Shoot me an email with your addy Renee..and I'll get the goodies send right out to you.

It's Friday and that means it's Taylor Challenge number 38!!
and another great sketch from Taylor , for us to work from.

This week I decided to apply Taylors Sketch to a 9x9 Page Frame Project.
These photos of little sweetie pie Kirstyn where taken almost a year ago. Boy how the time goes by .. they grow up so fast!
( you can click to see it bigger if you want)

Some of the elements I keep on the layout under the clear acrylic frame and some I like to adhere to the outside. That's the fun of Page Frames!

Tori Wild is the featured cupcake sampler this week. You can see her take on the sketch on her blog

Wild Sprinkles

and here are the rest of the talented Cupcake Crew... Check em out..

Again thank to Taylor for another great sketch!


I have to share this picture I snapped of my little squirrel and he was basking in the sun , out on the deck rail. He was a gift from my friend Sharon from Ne. I have to tell you.. I just smiled when I looked out there and saw the sunlight shining on his face.. after me saying the other day..that a sunny day for me.. makes all the difference. lol Seriously.. The look on his face is just how I feel when it's sunny, rather than cloudy! It's going to be a long winter for me , I'm afraid. ( I better think about moving some place sunny and warm.. instead of storing up nuts here in NE) ha!


Tired of pics of my pooches yet? ha... Sorry .. but I just love em.
Aly is almost 10 now..and she is getting so grey.... but sweeter than ever!

and then there is little miss misbehaven. ha

I have to share this website that just opened Called UPSIDE DOWN DOGS .. it's so funny. Wes sent me the link yesterday and I got some good laughs. I see that more have been added since then.


Jarad was here for dinner last night. I should have left him alone, and not bugged him with my camera.. because the poor guy was SO tired. He has been working LOTS of hours. After filling his bellywith some home cooked food , he laid down on the couch and I tossed him a pillow and blanket. ( I think I love it more when the boys come home and get all comfy on the couch .. more than they like it).. it's a mom thing. ah

Any way, I just have to share this picture because it's so weird. I went to snap his picture and "of course" , he put his had up to block his face. Little does his know about my " see through your hand" feature on my camera. lol

Funny! You can click to see it bigger. It's just weird.
Have a great Friday!


Jami said...

Love all the buttons and bling and detail on your layout!

Taylor said...

So much cute detail, Vicki! I love it! And hey... California is always accepting more residents if you're looking for some sun! ;)

Stephanie Hargis said...

Oh my! That page is SO cute! I want that sucker! :D

Catherine said...

What a cool photo!! Love your page, it's beautiful!! HAve a great weekend!

Jackie Pedro said...

This is so cute, Vicki!! Love all the detail...

Sharon in NE said...

And leave me alone in Nebraska? I think not...
Besides, don't you just love that first snow fall (particularly if you have no where to go). Maybe we could be little snowbirds and go south from Jan - March. I can see that.
Great feature on your camera. Hope it doesn't work on clothes.

Ana said...

AMAZING!! I love all your creations :)

janel said...

LOVE LOVE this. That special effect...that is the same one that teachers have...eyes in the back of their head. Just knew you were loving your evening last night. Have a great weekend, and off to see the cool things at Taylor's challenge...and Tabitha's too.

Pearl Maple said...

Congrats to the lucky winner.

Greay sketch can easily see how versatile a plan this is to use for all kinds of occassions.

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a great take on the sketch! Love the bright colors, the journeling, the buttons and brads... TFS!

Bev's Wild Adventures said...

You can post dog pictures, squirrel and kids pictures along with your great artwork anytime. said...

How funny, I love the upside down pups. Any time waster that involves cute dogs is right up my alley.

rose said...

beautiful take on the challenge love all the bling!
wow amazing photo!

Country Liv . . . said...

I love seeing Molly and Aly as I don't have any pups, only a cat. I'm really happy the squirrel on your deck isn't real . . . remember mine?!
Miss you,