Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Altered Christmas Stocking

Yesterday when we were out I made my .. Dollar store visit, and found this blank stocking. The fabric was so pretty.. I knew I could dress it up with some vintage goodies and one of the beautiful images from the Christmas Sheet of Homespun Cotton Scraps from Crafty Secrets.
You can see the entire sheet of images here.

Please click on one of the first two photos, so that you can see it larger. It's fairly good size, so you cant see the image well, this far back. ( and of course it's another gloomy rainy day here...grrr ). The stocking is about 18x9.

You certainly don't have to be a seamstress to use these images ( because I'm certainly not!).
I actually used Tacky Tape to adhere the image and the trim around it. Diamond glaze to attach the buttons. ( I did run thread through the button holes first)

I also use Tacky tape to adhere the ribbon at the top. If your not familiar with Tacky Tape.... it's great stuff.. and it HOLDS tight!!

The Vintage lace pieces.. I did just tack down with a needle and thread. Super simple ..but I did tack it in LOTS of places..because I really want it to hold up through the years.

Actually this lace piece was a collar. I just cut and used specific pieces where I wanted them on the stocking .

Fun way to dress up a $1 Store stocking. ( you know how I love a good deal) haha

I have been having so much fun with the photography group of Tabitha's that I joined. Really keeps you thinking out of the box.. and keeping your eyes open .. all through the week.
There are some amazing photographers that come up with some fantastic photos. I'm just playing along for the fun challenges .. and hope to learn as I go.
What to look for last week.... CURVES!
It was a busy week for me with preparing for classes but I still wanted to play along.. so I just found some things around that house that I saw "curves " in.

If you want to see some of the CUTEST photos ever ... check this out. It's Tabitha's little guy with his 1st birthday cake. She let him really dig in ... and its' just ADORABLE!
Check it out if you have a minute. Tabithas Blog
Seriously .. if that doesnt make you smile today.. nothing will! lol


MizSmoochieLips said...

Love love the altered stockings! Even more, loving the fact you didn't sew! I must look into this for the "wives" at our annual Xmas event :)

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, what a great job on the stocking. Once again you see....possibilities that are absolutely amazing to me. The pictures you took were wonderful but that little boy with the blue cake? How perfect is he? That one dot of frosting under the eye! Marvelous.

Angie said...

That stocking is beautiful Vicki. Your curve pictures are wonderful, and Tabitha's little guy and the cake really made me smile thanks for sharing.

rose said...

oh wowza, I think you will have to organise a dollar day coach trip lol!! you always manage to pick the most fantastic deals and turn them in to the mega dollar look!!
just beautiful,!
love the curves you found around for your pictures!

Deb S. said...

oh i love your christmas stocking!! you are amazing,always finding ways to alter things so beautifully! tabitha's little guy is adorable,all blue and cute!

Michelle said...

you don't have to go far to find curves at my house! I have plenty of them! LOL! Love the stocking! You did great with the bling!

mimi said...

Don't you just love a trip to the dollar store. Sometimes you can really pick up great treasures. I really love the way you altered the stocking. There is nothing like a beautiful piece of vintage lace. Thanks for sharing the link to Tabitha's blog. It truly brought a smile to my face. Her little boy is beautiful!!! Wouldn't it be great to lose yourself in a yummy cake.......

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wow V!! the stocking.. just awesome! love all the little details you worked on it.. you're a genius!

chelemom said...

Gorgeous stocking!!!!

TattingChic said...

What a darling stocking! I would love to make something like that with my tatting! :)

Jamie in TX said...

Oh Vicki, I love this stocking. It's great to see "economical" ideas like this. Gotta love those dollar store items that turn out looking like a million!

janel said...

Oh I just knew you were working on some fabulous Santa project. Love that Crafty cotton scraps image. It is beautiful, and you have done a fabulous job...always such wonderful detail. Love that color too. I am off to look at T.'s site....I do lurk, but need to get up the nerve to join in and post.
Have a great day and stay warm!

Paben said...

Wonderful way you used that lace piece!It really made that stocking fancy,Love the Crafty secrets cloth Christmas image you used!

Tabitha W. said...

you're too kind! i wondered where all the hits where coming from on my blog all of a sudden, lol.

i love finding things around the house that i 'see' in a whole new way. the best part though is seeing how everyone else interprets the photo challenges.