Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fall Photos

Just sharing some photos today. Yesterday was such a gorgeous fall day and we ended up going in and meeting up with Wes for dinner when he got off work. He had a UPS package that had been delivered to our house... so we just finished the delivery, since it was such a nice day. ( and since we had so little kiddies to get ready for tick or treats.. and none come clear out here)

I get to enjoy the tree above, everyday, as it's just across the road. Isn't it gorgeous?

below... is my favorite tree again.

It was just simply a perfect fall day.

The colors of fall , have always been among my very favorites.

As we went around the block to find a parking place at Wes's... This scene was just striking. I wish a photo would have turned out better to do it justice.. just trust me it was very pretty.


I don't have any cute little kiddy Halloween Costume photos to share ..cause my little kiddies are all grown up. a.............or.....are ........they?
lol.. these are photos Wes sent me from a Halloween party the night before.
Geeee... I mothers gotta be proud huh? ha

Yep.. that's my boy.

Haven't hear from Jarad.. but hope he had fun last night also. If he sees I posted Wes's photos here, I'm sure I wont be getting any from him. lol
Anyway.. hope you all had a great Halloween!


Deb S. said...

omg great fall photos but, those pics of wes just cracked me up! i'm sitting here laughing like crazy at them! too funny! tfs and i'm sure wes will be happy too! ;)

Sharon in NE said...

Love his pocket protector.

Nat said...

LOL - love your photos and the wes-party photos are so funny!

janel said...

Such beautiful fall colors. It looks just the way I imagine. You have one very cute "nerd" in the family. Those nerds sure have cute girls to hang out with. :)
Have a great Sunday!

Michelle said...

Your fall pictures are gorgeous!

Darcy said...

I just love it when you post pictures of the Nebraska countryside! I grew up in Nebraska, went to college at UNL and now live in Colorado, but I really miss the beautiful colors of Nebraska! The picture of the capitol is great! Brings back memories of college. I lived in an apartment near the capitol for a time.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Paben said...

Wes looks like he's having fun! Your fall pics are always so colorful!I hope you had a great weekend!

Monica Crowe said...

What a beautiful landscape you get to enjoy in Nebraska, especially with the fall colors setting in. That's so neat that your son sends you his party photos.Looks like he had fun:)