Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I love pink

I have to show you my belated Birthday gift from Jarad. He came by tonight to bring me this little beauty! A real "pink" rotary phone for my desk! Ahhhh... I'm in heaven. Seriously.. I could not love it more! He knows my quirkiness well! lol Thanks sonny boy!

Oh.. more "PINK".. thought I show you some of the pink wands I've been working on to sell at Amy's( miss Diva herself) store "Precious Treasures".

Wish you could see the glitter design better. All the glitter is done with a glue pen and ultra fine glitter. There was some serious "sparkle" going on in my room , that day. ha


Oh.. I also made some of these refrigerator magnets using images from the "HomeMade" Image and Journal Book from Crafty Secrets. Super easy.. I just used a stickybacked magnetic sheet... peeled the sticky off, laid the image down, and cut around it with my scissors. Wha la .. done!

And speaking of Crafty Secrets.. I just saw this ad in "Home Companion".... I see you Nathanial.
(I circled him.)

Just sharing a couple more photos from the weekend..that Keith took. Aren't they beautiful?
Thanks Keith!
the colors were just stunning!

Okay.. time for me to get busy finishing up preparing for this weekends classes. Looking forward to seeing the Albion girls.. (and spending the day with my sis).
Enjoy your day!


cindy said...

V. Those are tooooo cute! Do you mind if I ask where you got the base from? I'm doing shower favors and those would be fun!


Catherine said...

I love those stars, they are making me drool....lovely for sure! I am sure they will sell like hot cakes!!

Something happened to my last post so I hope this isn't a duplicate! call me, we'll talk about etsy - you should get one!

harrahx2 said...

Okay, the stars are adorable. I love that look and I agree that they will sell well! The colors are beautiful in your area and that tree is amazing. I loved it. But, your house always so clean? Do you have clutter and mess anywhere? I feel lately like I am drowning in "stuff"!

Monica said...

Oh they are too cute!

Shawn said...

Love that pink phone!! Those pics are wonderful I love fall pics. Hope you are doing well! :) See you next weekend!

Charmingdesigns said...

I forgot to ask you. I have one of those clear stamps that you put on a clear's lost its sticky...what do I do??? I love your pink phone!! Laurie

Tabitha W. said...

that pink phone rocks! what a good boy you have there lady!

Beth Leintz said...

Love that phone- it's been so long since I "dialed" a phone, I wonder if I remember how.

Deb S. said...

love those stars vic! that keith is an awesome photographer isn't he? :) LOVE that pink phone,w-t-g jarad!

Eleanor said...

Beautiful post. I LOVE the wands!

rose said...

oh what a beautiful set of magic wands,so lovely. OH love the pink retro phone how thoughful of him to buy you this!

Paben said...

Aw Jarad is so sweet to get you that awesome phone!I love that it matches your room so well and who would think that a son pays attention to what his Mother likes!Bravo to Jarad!

Kathi said...

Oh Wow!!! I have the very same phone. I got it for my 16th birthday 41 years ago! When I cleaned out my parent's home you can bet that phone came with me!! It was a working phone for 36 years up until I disconnected phone service when I sold their house---with the same phone number throughout all those years & more before that.

Precious Treasures said...

Cant wait to see them all in person! I hve a bunch of stuff for you for the Lutheran Family Services again also. Anything they do not want we are going to start doing Make a Wish Books soon too. Looks like they do a lot of Disney books. See what you creative brain can come up with for Disney projects. LOL