Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paper Tree project

Sharing the project I made last night. I've had this one my mind for some time now. I've been seeing all the paper trees made with looped paper strips or looped ribbon, and it got me thinking about using my AccuCut Fringe Die, to create a paper Christmas tree.

It's about 18 inches tall.

It's kind of hard to see the actual color of the papers I used because they are kind of iridescent. They are light green with gold and cream with gold.
I added some glitter tot he tips of the fringe after the tree was finished.

I started with a chipboard cone as the form I attached the paper fringe too. I used a piece of tree branch for the stump.. and this old pot to set it in. ( using foam and a little hot glue, in the base to hold the foam in the pot)

I put a little moss in the top of the pot to cover the foam.

You can see how easy the fringe die made it ...but if you dote one you can just cut fringe with scissors... (not cutting all the way through at the top .. so that it stays connected as a strip)
I love Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L double sided tape for projects like this. It worked perfect to adhere each strip of fringe... one over the other. Starting from the bottom and working up to the top. I alternated the two colors of paper I chose.

Not only did the fringe maker , make it easier to cut the fringe..but the fact that I can cut multiples, really helped speed things up.
Check out the AccuCut Blog for some great ideas!

I was thinking it would be cute to do some in funky colors , 3 different sizes, in painted small clay pots.... hmmmmm

Okay.. sharing some more photos from Seattle.

We hit downtown Seattle after the show that night to see
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

The Place was PACKED , and what a show he put on! Impressive!!! This is Sandy's husband Scotts favorite band.. and I can see why after seeing them live. Such a performance.
We were pretty darn close.. as you can see. It was a great time!
Down Together Video
(this video isnt from the show we were at,but it my fave. You have to watch it all the way through to see why. lol)
After the show... check it out.. we had Cream Cheese hotdogs. (Kielbasa)

They have these stands out on the street... (I'm talking 1am here)
I had to have my picture taken here because "Fremont"
is where I'm from. (Fremont Nebraska.. that is)

I had never heard of such a thing before ( here in my sheltered little world) haha , but they were really good.
I'm surprised I didn't die from heartburn...
Kielbasa, cream cheese, and fried onions??
It was amazing!

Tomorrow I'll share the photos I took in this TOTALLY amazing store the us and the Tattered Angels peeps took in . HOLY MOLY! I wish I had a entire day to spend in there.. it was SO inspiring!
Until then..


TattingChic said...

How cute is that!

Pam/Iris said...

Oh WOW Vicki, I LOVE your tree, you're SO stinkin'crafty, you come up with the best stuff!!

I've never heard of that kind of hot dog either, but boy, does it look good!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This tree is fantastic!! And that sandwich looks pretty fantastic too! Great job on the tree and glad you had a fun time!

Angie said...

I love that tree Vicki, I am going to have to try to make one.

I've never heard of a cream cheese hot dog before either.

DeniseLynn said...

Just finally peeking in to say hi! My 2 little ones have me running all hours of the day and the computer is the last to get my attention. Been missing my fave blogs so its good to be getting some inspiration finally. By the way, that hot dog sounds fabulous.

Elaine said...

Shiver me timbers that tree is a beauty! It's way cool and reminds me of a really girlie Christmas! LOVE those cream cheese doggies...does sound a little weird, doesn't it??

Catherine said...

GREAT tree, that fringemaker makes it easy....lovely!! xox.

janel said...

Oh my....yummy times!
Beautiful beautiful the subtle glitter!
Always a treat, and that photo of the!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! That's the prettiest tree I've seen this season. Love it!
Oh and the hot dog looks so yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is great!! I LOVE it!

The hot dog sounds weird but looks yummy!

Shawn said...

Looks like fun! We have family in Seattle it's a great city! Missed you last weekend!

Becky said...

That tree is adorable!!!!!

Love that picture of the Space Needle!

Heidi Blankenship said...

WOW you are amazing!! Your Christmas tree is amazing too--absolutely LOVE IT!! Looks like you had a lot of fun and the Kielbasa looks soooo yummy!

lori said...

oh my goodness!! vicki you are making me hungry!! i sooo loved the adorable fringed christmas tree, so unique~ i think it must go on my to-do list!! thanks for sharing!!

Precious Treasures said...

Check out Piezanno's next time you are through Lincoln and try the cream cheese pepperoni pizza, it is to die for!

Love that store, all that PINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

that tree ROCKS I would love to publish it in my ezine.
at along with your supply list
or send it to

Calia Yang said...

this is just adorable!!

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful creation, fabulous idea!