Monday, December 29, 2008

It's her Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom! Today is her day! Brent , Diana and Nathaniel were coming down to spend the day with mom, so I invited them all out here for dinner and cake to celebrate. But after a phone call this morning from Brent, saying poor Diana got the stomach flu in the night last night... we changed plans. Dan and I are now going to go into moms and take the dinner there. I'm sure mom will keep busy on the phone today.. with calls from all the kids , Grandkids and Great Grandkids ,wishing her a Happy Birthday.

The lasagna and salad are finished and in the frig.............and.... the cake is ready to go.

Put youre party hat on Birthday girl... here we come! haha

I have had so many fun things come in the mail these last couple of weeks. New Tattered Angels stuff that is SO stinking cool.. you wont believe it. ( hopefully I can share soon), ... a great box of art supplies from Altered Arts Magazine, that I've been playing with .. (and loving!),. and this.
If youre not familiar with "My book Planners"... check them out! They are the coolest planners ever. I met Lisa at a show a few years ago .. she was the first person to introduce me to them. They are a Planner...but much more. It's a 1 year weekly planner with 12 archival pockets, and 16 inkjet sheets inside. You can personalize the cover to whatever you want. I made one for my mom last year, to keep track of appointments. I did little pages with different photos of the grandkids. I love that it has pockets that she could put recipts, appointment cards ect in. I love these just wanted to share with you.
You can read more about them here MY BOOK ADAPTABLE PLANNER
Here is their gallery with tons of ideas of how to use them..
I have to say , since everyone went home.. it's been pretty quiet around here. The dogs are MOPING around...looking pathetic. lol I think they are wondering where everyone went?


Sharon in NE said...

Happy Birthday Vic's mom!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Happy birthday to mom!

chelemom said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!! What a beautiful lady!

Paben said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Ev May you share many more wonderful Birthdays with your family!What A Woman!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh wow, another year...I remember saying Happy Birthday to your mom last year! Happy Birthday!! Laurie

Precious Treasures said...

Happy Birthday Momma!!!!

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! The cake looks beautiful!

Shawn said...

Happy Bday to your mom! Your cake is beautiful! Thanks for the link to the planner I've been wanting to get something since Bethany is in school now I think that will be perfect! Ordering one now :)

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, I got all these postings at once! It was a lot to take in and what wonderful photos you take. That little girl is beautiful and sitting on your mom's lap, looks the like the same person, separated by years. Grif is darling and that picture is so cute with the light and the put and all boy! What a darling. Looks like you had a good time and your mom, as always looks great. Please send my birthday wishes to her. Merry/Happy and glad to be getting to know you! Thank you so much for all you share, your family, your warmth and your music. It's like watching a great tv movie unfold before my eyes.

rose said...

Happy birthday to your "mom"
um now that choco cake looks very,very yummy indeed !
Hope you have a great time
Oh that planner is so cool and brilliant