Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo transfer with packing tape tutorial

Decided it's been a while since I did a tutorial.. so here's a simple packing tape transfer "how to".
Below is the card I made with my transfer. I used an image from the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Christmas Image and Journal Book". You can also use photocopied photos if you wish.

Pretty simple stuff here... just cover your image with a piece of clear packing tape, and smooth out any air bubbles. The flat edge of a ruler works well for this.
*If you are wanting to transfer larger images.. clear contact paper will also work in the same way.

Trim the excess tape off to the size of the image. (Now it should look like you have a laminated image).

Lots of people first soak this "taped image" in a bowl of warm water for about five minutes...especially if the paper your image is on is heavy card stock.
If you paper isnt really think, you can do what I did and just run it under warm water for a minute or two. (paper side up)

Once the paper starts to soften from the water, you can start to rub the paper away from the tape. ( I usually hold it like this and use my thumbs to rub the paper from the tape)

Don't be afraid to rub..the print will stay on the tape. (you just dont want to bend or crumple it). You need to work all the paper off the back of the tape , for the clearest image.
below: This is the back.. it should look like this.. totally clean of the paper.
( it really is an easy process)

below: here it is , flipped over on the counter.. so you can see better how the image shows up.
It should show the image..but as more of a "transparency look".
You can use a paper towel to dry is off ..but don't rub across it with the paper towel , or with a cloth..the back is still a little sticky.. and could pick up paper or cotton residue.

That's it.. now you can create with it , as you wish. Just keep in mind , whatever paper (color or print) you decide to use under it, will show through the image.
I didn't want to loose the detail of this image, so I just used a cream colored cardstock..but it can really be fun to use patterned paper with a simple image.. or to use simple newsprint for your transparent tape image, and lay that over a photo or other image. Lots of different fun things you can try with this technique. Have some fun.
I just used a little glue stick to hold mine down..but stitching it down works great also.

Thanks to everyone who's asked about my mom. She did have to have another shot Friday, but is doing fine. She doesn't let anything stop her. She still hosted her card group (4 women) that night. She's a trooper.
I had to make a run into Micheal's this weekend for some supplies for a upcoming project.
You know how I love my time in the car ... taking a drive...just me and some good music to listen to. .. and I'm in my happy place. lol
Todays choice.... ( even with a quite fitting title , I might add) lol

totally enjoyed it. Awesome CD! Not new...just one of my faves.
And as I came home...boy was the sky beautiful. This was my view through the trees, when I came in the drive pulling up to the house.

Pretty huh.
Have a great day!


Karin said...

I always wondered how to do that! Thanks! The card is adorable...

aimee said...

Hi Vicki! I love the Santa journal. I have had trouble with this technique in the past, but after reading your tutorial I think I may try it gain. So cute! Hope your holiday season is going good so far. Busy time of year isn't it? Happy Holidays!~Aimee

Shawn said...

I haven't done the packing tape technique in awhile. You can do it with paint too which is fun. I think I saw it on Claudine's blog awhile ago. Hope your mom is feeling better. Take care

Cassie said...

Hi, I've tried this once, just goofing around. It worked quite well. You've inspired me to give it another go, and use it in a project! Isn't that CD wonderful!

cindy said...

LOVE this!


Cathy said...

OOhhh! I never thought about doing that with Crafty Secret Journals. Thanks, now I gotta go play!!!

janel said...

Fun...I haven't done a tape transfer is quite awhile, and this is going to spur me on...those Christmas Crafty Secret images would be darling on some tags always inspire me.
Hope you are staying warm and toasty inside.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

wow... i would neverhave figured that out by myself! LOL :D Thanks V... the outcome is amazing as always. You're a ton of talent! *hugs*

Sugar Bear said...

I've used that transfer technique before and it works like a charm!

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, that card is stunning. You never said if you liked the CD byPearls in the Snow? I found that mine has a scratch so I don't know if it recorded well. If not, I will have my sone recopy.

Country Liv . . . said...

Glorious photo Vic, I would love to have a higher pixel copy for my stash! The tut is super; I have never even heard of this tecky before!
So glad Sweet Momma is doing well. Big hugs,

PS: Thanks for always keeping up with us (me & K)! I put some fake packages around the 'tree' this morning and it doesn't look half bad!

Michelle said...

I love that tape transfer idea! You make it look so simple! I too love Kenny~!

Emma's Paper Patch said...

what a beautiful picture! thanks for sharing the tutorial. i have wanting to try this for quite, may have to after the holidays.

Charlene said...

I loved your tutorial!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It is great I can't wait to play with this idea. Have a Happy Holiday & enjoy each day of preperation. Glad you had a chance to stop by to say Hi yesteday.

Ali said...

wow Vicki, TY for the handy tutorial!! Gorgeous image, too.

Kenny Chesney is a fave singer of mine, as well! LOL

stampqueen said...

Love the photo tyransfer idea - will have to try that one!!!
The sunset pic is absolutly beautiful!!!

Jamie Wilcox said...

Oh my Vicki!! I love this idea and have been wondering exactly how to do it. Can't wait to try it. I also just saw your Christmas shadow boxes and they're terrific! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Tonight I wanted to use packing tape transfer for an image I was going to have to color in. I tested with colored pencils and permanent markers (the bic-equivalent of sharpies). Surprisingly, the permanent markers started to run in the water, and rubbed completely off the tape. The colored pencils won by a landslide! Just thought some people might want to know this is an alternative.

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