Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Saturday

Happy Birthday to my sister Sharon!
I'm sure she's spending the day with her fam. Sending Birthday Hugs to Florida!
It certainly isn't Florida weather here..but we are all thrilled that it has warming up significantly since a couple of days ago.
I think the snow was even melting. (shock)
I had to run get a few things done today, and it was actually enjoyable.
I have to tell you about my new favorite CD
I can not stop listening to it.
Sandy's husband Scott is a huge fan of Roger Clyne so we went to see them perform when we were in Seattle. I'm HOOKED.

He impressed me immediately after seeing him live.. before even knowing that much about his music. This CD and the one other one I have of his, have been in my car CD player ever since then.
When I like something .. I REALLY like it! lol I keep singing certain lines from one song I particularly like, as I do things around the house. "Leaky little Boat". Well, I didn't realize how MUCH I was singing it. .. until Dan looked at me and said.. "You really must like that song?" I think that was his way of saying... "enough .. already". Could be he was sick of the song.. or possibly it's the fact that I cant sing???? lol
Pretty dull looking around here in the winter.. but the different colors of blue that made up the sky certainly caught my eye , as I headed out on my way.
The other thing I did today, was work on a light box. I have been meaning to do this for so long. I just wanted something simple I could fold up and put away, so I used white foam core. There are all kind of tutorial on making simple foam core light boxes out there.
I need all the help I can get.. photographing projects on some of these dreary January days.

Dont forget to post HERE, if you want your name put in for the drawing for this giveaway.

Have a great day! ( gotta run.. the movie started.. and I promised I'd watch it)


Country Liv . . . said...

Happy Birthday to Sis! She looks like a sweet person too. Got any meanies in that family of yours? Naw! Love the photo of the sky and field-such everyday shots for you are sumptuous for the rest of us!

Charlene said...

I would love to enter your drawing. So, the photography must be coming along well. I have not had much luck finding a class here. And I work so much in February & gone to Diana Frey's class in March... think I may try to take a class at the Junior College this summer. Do you still love it? Have a great week.

rose said...

oh love all the blue`s in your sky shots.
Oh soon be packing that case for CHA,find the battery re charger early this time !!! lol!!
Have a great weekend ,oh that books looks pretty awesome

Creative Mish said...

I need to make myself a light box. Usually its evening when I take pictures and there just isn't any good light.

Pattyjo said...

Your sister is very pretty.
Looking out across the field looks like your looking out across our field. I love the country.

DeniseLynn said...

Happy Birthday Sis! I am jealous of that photo ... we are so burried in snow I'd pay money to see color like that. Happy day Vicki to you and your sis.

harrahx2 said...

Love your photos and hope you are having a great day. Who ya pickin for super bowl?

stampqueen said...

Always love your pics of home - the sky always looks so much bigger, just the way I remember. We have been COLD this week - got down to 22 degrees - florida living has gotten me soft!!! I need to make a light box for pics too - been gloomy for days here, can't get decent pics.

Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

Wow! I loved that idea of a light box, maybe I need to make one too ;-)

It's always a pleasure to visit your great blog and to see all your beautiful creations! Love it all!

Catherine said...

What a great photo booth. I had directions to make one of those and never did....did you use foam core? Happy Birthday to your Sister!

caroline said...

nice light box! what kind of lights do you use? Regular desk lamp? What kind of bulbs? Just one, or how many lights?