Sunday, February 15, 2009

a canvas

Yesterday I worked a this .. and had so much fun doing it. I had nothing in mind when I started it. My favorite thing to do, is just have goodies in front of me.. with no plan for them and ... play.
A little paint, gesso. ink.. markers, paper, .... and just make a mess. No major "work of art" ... just enjoyable creativity.
It was fun though.. and I'm thinking it might be a fun class or kit.

The photo is my Grandma. My mom on the right of her, then my aunt Viv. The little boy on the left is my Uncle Al. The only thing that would make this photo any better, would be if my Grandpa was in it... But he was probably out working in the field.
I used the new claudine hellmuth STUDIO, paints , gesso ect.. on this.. and loved them.

I need more play days like this.. they rejuvenate me!

** I'm pretty excited to tell you a tiny bit about something fun coming up. My friend Becky has invited me for a fun day of teaching at her loft (in down town Fremont) soon. Becky will be teaching a mini album class , and I will be teaching a class where we will create a shadowbox. It will be a super fun day, with lunch included.. on Saturday March 28th. We'll both be talking more about this , and giving more details on our blogs... soon! Cant wait!

I had to laugh at Miss Aly.. when I came around the corner... she's looking pretty cozy this morning , huh?

Enjoy your day.. Aly is. lol


Scrap for Joy said...

I love the colors on this collage board-so happy! I haven't worked with gesso-I need to play with some of that! This is a great piece-thanks for sharing it.

Linda Barutha said...

Love it:) That's my favorite thing to do too -- just play with what's in front of you. Your's is adorable! I've been trying to find those new Studio paints in the stores -- guess I'll have to order online.

rose said...

oh what a brilliant canvas,love everything on it and its so good just to play and end up with such a stunning result
oh now miss ally looks so comfortable

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love your canvas! Now you've inspired me to try one!

Deb S. said...

your canvas is so sweet! i love all the soft colors that you used. i can't wait to see it irl! i love the photo too! the pic of aly reminds me of cully all snuggled in,in the morning! :)

cindy said...

Love this canvas...simply wonderful!


Ali said...

Awwww, what a sweet face! LOL

Kara Ward said...

I want to make one of these....I need lessons.
Hop in the car quick!!!
Send your address. I have a little card ready to send your way. Kara

happiness blooms said...

Holy MOLY Vic! This is soooo cool! I love LOVE the button sun! YIKES this is sooo cool!

Charlene said...

That face says it all! So cute. Did you go over & just hugggggggg her to death? I would have. Have a great week.