Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mid week post

I have to start this post by showing you the sweet Valentine I had in the mail today from my friend Cat. Thanks Kitty .. you made my day!

------------------------------------- By: Catherine Matthews Scanlon

I'm still trying to catch up and just tie up some loose ends since I got home, so I haven't really created much. One thing I did work on last night, was a simple little album for my friends Joy and Daisy from Eclectic Paperie. I had taken some photos the night of their get together at Tortilla Joe's during CHA.. with the idea that I would put them in a little album for them, as a thank you
( that little photo in the window on the cover is of these.. darling little brownie deserts they gave out after dinner, with the EP logo on them)

It's just a simple little album..but I hope they enjoy the photos.

If your not familiar with Eclectic Paperie.. they have great stuff.. you can check out their site here.

Thanks to all of you for asking about Wes. I haven't heard from him yet today..but last night he was feeling some better.
I have to share this .. simply because it made me laugh. I don't know if you can read the quote below..but it says.. "Vicki's son Griffin" lol... I'd take him in a heartbeat..but I don't think his mom and dad would go for that. lol I'm content to be his "aunt".

Okay.. off to get some work done. I guess I better start by changing my Calendar to Feb. lol I just looked up at my big desk planner calendar that hangs on my bulletin board above my desk.. and it's still on January..... eeeeeek! Good grief!


Susan said...

What an awesome Valentine from Cat - she does the prettiest things! I had to laugh about your "son" Griffin - but he's such a cutie, anyone would want to call him son. Hope Wes is feeling better.

harrahx2 said...

Great valentine, great cards you made and of course, great "son" because he has the cutest face and so expressive. Just catching up as I didn't get anything blogwise, for several days! The booths are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Lovely card from Cat! Your album for Joy & Daisy is sweet and I know they'll love it! I'd take Griff in a minute too! Is he enjoying his new little sister?

Catherine said...

So glad to have made your day, come this crummy time of the winter we need all the uplifting we can get don't we?? Have a great one!! xox.

chelemom said...

Love the wee little Valentine!!! And Griffin.....what a cutie pie!!!

janel said...

What a darling valentine from girls ooze with talent!
Griff is just too cute...and when I saw it in the mag....I was thinking how proud you would be to be his mom!

Lynnda said...

Thanks for the CHA photos
I am busy trying to get a stand together for my first trade show here in the UK and it is good to be inpsired rather than looking at blank bits of paper

jan said...


If Immitrex doesn't work for your son perhaps trying Maxalt...a faster acting medication might do the trick...I've been using it with great success. Sure beats having to suffer hours and hours with ice packs and dark rooms!

Carla said...

That Valentine is such a little treasure!! I like that you photoed it in a hand so we couls see what size it is! Your album will be loved by the EP gals!!

Anonymous said...

I know both Joy & Daisy and was their guest at the July CHA. They will love your gift.

stampqueen said...

What a cute Valentine!!! Loved all the CHA photos!!! What great stuff coming out!!!