Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Random stuff to share

Well, I'm back from Lincoln now. Weston was still suffering with the migraine this morning ..just not as severe as it had been. I just talked to him a bit ago and it was finally seeming much less intense. We got him in yesterday and they got him some meds. I just hope the preventative stuff they have prescribed now.. works for him. He now has a prescription for Imitrex also. I sure hope it works for him.. because it doesn't for me. There is only one thing worse that having a severe migraine.. in my book.. and thats having to watch your child have one. (no matter how old they are). I feel so bad that he has to deal with them. Here's hoping it gets better for him.


I have so many random little thinks to share.. I didnt even know what to title this crazy post. lol

Just bear with my and go with the flow the best you can okay? lol

I had a fun surprise to come home to after CHA. My sweet friend Kara sent me a fun box of goodies and this adorable card. I had to share this card.. it's just so cute!

the inside...

I do love me some cute shoes. lol



I've been working on a little of this and that.. just trying to get things done , so I'm not scrambling at the last minute.

I worked on this little Val day gifts for an up coming gathering with the artsy girls.

And on an altered vintage bingo card swap for my friend Lisa.

These are a couple of cards I did with the new Fairyland Set of Clear Art Stamps from Crafty Secrets.
I'm no coloring wiz like my other stamping friends... I just use my chalks. lol

It's a darling set.. and so easy to build with .

I'm going to finish up with my CHA photos.. and then I think I've showed a little of everything I got photos of during that week.

This is a shot of the Splitcoast gathering .. one evening. I cant keep the dates straight now..they are all a blur..but it was one of the first nights.. maybe Sat?It's always all about Cupcakes. lol Yum!

Thankyou to Joy and Daisy from Eclectic Paperie for inviting us to celebrate EP's Anniversary with them. It was a fantastic dinner and gathering with so many really nice people.

These girls just could not be any nicer. We had such a great time.

left to right

Daisy, me Lisa.. then sitting .. Sandy and Joy.

So much fun!

Now.. I'll finish sharing Booth displays that really struck me as clever.

Check out the displays at Clip it up!

CUTE!! 50's music was playing on the little retro radio (CD player ) on the table. It was really sweet..right down to the saddle shoes under the table.

There were four different sections. I only got photos of the two end ones. I think the one below was "garage grunge" Again.. attention to detail was fantastic.
The other booth that I was totally blown away by was the Cosmo Cricket booth! Talk about quirky and fun. I LOVED IT!

Lots of cool b&w photos with blurbs with funny sayings , but framed prints where the dresses where cut from the new paper lines and added to the photos. Totally FUN!

I loved every ince of this booth. I could see alot of thought, planning and work, went into pulling this together. If I didnt mention is before.. um.. it was COOL!
I better get off the computer and get somethng done around there to day. Why do the days just fly by so fast? Hope you all enjoy your start to the week!
Until tomorrow!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Wow fantastic ... thanks so much for sharing ... again ... I'm SO jealous ... I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall at this function!!! What fun!!! Hope your son feels much better today ... poor guy!!

Elaine said...

Fantastic sharing of CHA! It looks like an incredibly fun time with all those talented ladies! I'm glad you are showing us and describing what it was like...wish I could've been there!

janel said...

So so sorry about ds's headache. I sure hope the meds help. Hope by now he is feeling some relief.

Those cupcakes are making me hungry....thanks for sharing all the CHA photos.

becky said...

you've been busy since you got home! glad that wes is better.

hope we can get together soon!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vic! Adding Wes to my prayer list, I feel so sorry for him . . . those headaches are the pits.
Looks like the CHA shops went over the top with their booths this time! Wow! So lovely . . . looks like the trend is more toward vintage now than ever before?
I'm hopping on the first fantasy plane available to join in with the Artsy Fartsy Girls! Have fun and give my love to Deb.

Elly said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pics of the CHA! Those black and white shoes are so great! I love the altered bingo-card, it's beautiful! And the cupcakes....yummie!!!!
I hope your son is feeling better right now, sounds not so good!

Catherine said...

Kara, isn't she a sweetie?? She invited us to her house anytime....I think we should make it a plan this summer :-) Lucky you to get all those fun things, she'll...THANKS for sharing your CHA pics, I thought of you every single day AND wanted to be there for that traditional margarita with you and Sandy!! xox.

JgWM said...

Hi Vicki, I am one of your quiet followers. Your photos of CHA are wonderful, thanks for sharing.

The reason I am writing is I suffer from Migraines, and so does my daughter. I can totally relate to your emotions about having a child who suffers with them.

I hope that you find some relief for him. As I have gotten older and more experienced, I find that weather, sleep and food all have some effect.