Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Scrappbookers Clubhouse kit projects

It's a BEAUTIFUL day outside today.. and boy to I wish I felt better so I could be out enjoying it. This sinus thing has got to come to an end soon right? grrr..
Probably wont help that the house had to be opened up some today,but Dan is painting the ceilings downstairs. He didn't think he should do it today because the smell would make me worst..but know it was a pretty nice day.. I'm thinking he would have rather gone to the cabin. lol I was like... "Oh... no no dear.. I'll be just fine.. you can paint.. really you can". lol
* I'll probably be coughing all night..but at least the ceiling IS painted!*

I'm finishing up the last of my projects for my Guest Designer month over at Scrapbookers Clubhouse. I loved working with this kit.
What? I know... I did a 12x12.. weird huh?

There were some great Prima Flowers in this kit too! Oooooh la la

I have been wanting to scrap this photo of my mom and I for SO long. I adore the one my friend Liv did for me , but I hadn't scrapped this photo yet.. so I decided I use . Well, I'll I can say is it was draining,... for being ending up being such simple layout with hardly any journaling. Draining because I tried and tried to journal about how much I love my mom and what a wonderful person she is ... how lucky I am to have such an amazing woman for my mother, how strong , and smart and beautiful she is(inside and out)............and everytime I'd try ...tears came. I'd stop and try again, ... and end up with tears running down my face again.
I realize that somethings can just be said with the heart. So my only journaling reads...
"I love her more than words can say"

I shared with the girls over at SBCH how I cheat when adding buttons to my pages. lol I have actually been doing this for a long time..( shameful .. I know) lol.. but now I'm coming clean, because I'm not going to look at this as a "lazy way out" anymore. It works great and I like the look too. Instead of getting out a needle and thread or looking through all my embroidery floss for just the right color... I just use a little sliver of the paper..... see

I used to call it my lazy way.. but now I'm liking it. lol

it doesn't leave a big bump under the button where you would normally tie the thread.
I just do this. ( shhhhhhh...)

Okay.. that's all my secrets for now.

Molly was thankful for a beautiful sunny day, to lay on the porch.
I'm thankful the ceilings are painted


TattingChic said...

I always love visiting your blog! So many darling goodies.

Sarah said...

I love your button "secret" of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. TFS

Anonymous said...

Love both your layouts!! The picture of you and your mother is very nice and you did a great layout...simple and not fussy! Love it!!

Debbie K. said...

I too love your "secret" idea. How clever! Your Mom looks like a sweetie and Molly also. You are a real inspiration for us all, Vicki!

Carla said...

lET'S see, have you tried Nasonex? That's what the doc put me on Friday. I'm hoping it helps with my sinus/allergy problems. So far I can't tell a difference, but this morning was only my third dose.

Second, I'm the same way with journaling. It just almost kills me. Words just seem so trite. Nothing seems to express the depth of my feelings. My Mom is gone now, and I wish I had a picture this cute of the two of us. I love to see daughters treasuring their moms, even if I am a little envious. Love the LO!

Finally, I do that with my buttons sometimes, too. I like to let the little tails poke out, especially if I'm using them alone or as a flower center.

Creative Mish said...

very nice. I love the wrap around the candle. and your idea for the buttons is mauvelous!

Country Liv . . . said...

Awe, Vic. Sweet Momma will love the layout and your beautiful sentiment! It is so heartwarming that you love her so very much.
I certainly hope you start feeling better soon. We need to see some photos of the upcoming play dates with the Griff and his new sister!
I'm sure the 'hunk' was just D-lighted to paint the ceilings for you! LOL!
Big hugs,
PS: I'm sure the "little elves" taught you about threading the paper through the buttons!

chelemom said...

Love the button secret too!! Totally using that idea!!!! Your scrappy LO's are fantastic! Love the photo with your mom!

Linda Beeson said...

I so love what you did with that candle! What a really neat look.

stampqueen said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the layout with your Mom - so sweet!!!!
And I will definatly be using your buttom secret!!!
Feel better!!!!

Ali said...

Awesome LO, button tip and pic of Lucie (OOPS! I mean Molly of course!) My land, they are SO MUCH alike!!!! We DO have twin doggies! LOL.

Hope you feel better soon! YAY re: the ceilings!!

~ A

Joy said...

Cute pages! And you are a GENIUS with the buttons. I've gotta try that! :)

Kara Ward said...

Darling button threading idea...and your poochy is needing a smoochy! Such a sweet dog!

MJ said...

Brilliant tip on the button! I always feel too lazy to tack it down with thread so I just glue it down. The guilt passes. But your secret is a better alternative!