Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Class Projects

I've been busy working on upcoming Tattered Angels class projects. These will a couple of the classes for "Great Lakes Mega Meet" May 7-9

Photo credit to Becky Novacek. She took those family photos for us last year.
It was a Glimmer Mist sorta day around here yesterday.. I'll tell ya that much! lol Everythings Shimmering!
The bright spot in the day was the mail! I got this bunch of goodies in the mail from my sweet friend Rose ..way over there in the UK. Oh.. what a little treasure trove of vintage goodness!
I left it out , so I can keep looking at it. See that Can? The top pops off and it's filled with goodies. Rose... why don't you do a "how to" on your blog , on how to do that? I need to know! lol THANKS for the goodies!


I had to look out my window to see what all the "honking" was about?

The were just starting here in these photos... trust me , there were ALOT of them. I've never seen so many. See all those white things out in the field? That's them.. just starting to land.
It's crazy how loud they were. It was freaking the dogs out..they couldn't figure out where they were coming from. lol

Ok.. must stop my bird watching and get back to work. lol

Until tomorrow friends!


Bev said...

OMG!!! I LOVE THAT!!! Did you use stamps for the words or print them?? I assume you used Bingo cards? This is such a cool idea!

(Oh ya, and don't be stealin' my "end line" to my blogs either girlie...he he!!) Just funnin' with ya! As I read I knew it sounded familiar for some reason!!LOL!!

Finally leaving work so I can go home and PLAY! Have a great afternoon!

Nat said...

this is gorgeous!!!!!

Carla said...

Love the tryptich! It's very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be teaching at the Great Lakes Mega Meet? If so, I want to come!!!

Paben said...

Hey Sweetie,I love your family album!You have been a busy girl!I got that Desiger paper for you and good news it was 30 percent off,so only $6.99

rose said...

oh my I just love this!!! stunning is not the word I`m looking for!!!
amazing,might find the word when I pick my chin up from the floor!!!
Glad your package arrived safe,enjoy!

stampqueen said...

Love your project for today - great way to display the photos, so classy!!!

Darcy from PinkPersimmon.com said...

I love this project! Where are the bingo cards from? This is so cute.

Shawn said...

That is really cute! Love the birds, spring must be around the corner :)

Country Liv . . . said...

I'm with Bev! Those triptychs are wonderful! The photos are great, I especially like the one of you and Dan with the pups and river.
We have Canadian geese year 'round here. I live between two lakes so my home stays polka dotted with goose poop! Yes, they can make a racket alright! The worst thing though is when one of them loses a mate: they become morose and melancholy and honk continuously at the place where the mate disappeared or died-so sad (and annoying).
Have a wonderful week, friend.
PS: Isn't that Rose something else!? She's always so busy but takes the time to do sweet RAKs.

Ineke van den Akker said...

You are a very lucky person to get such a nice thing.



Judy B said...

Vicki, I was so delighted to see your name on the class grid for Mega Meet. I have not yet decided if I am going. Looking for a partner to buddy with. Not to keen on going by myself!! Love your classes!! I have gone to Mega Meet twice in the past and just loved it. Great shopping!!! Nice things from the UK...Love that vintage stuff!!!