Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pageframes clear "Cabin" album

I thought I'd share with you a simple album I put together yesterday. It's a Clear Acrylic Pageframes album. I've been wanting to do a little album with photos from the Cabin , for some time now.. so decided this would be it.

These clear albums are so fun. I really enjoy doing them. I always like the way you can see little peek of the next page through the page you are looking at. Kind of intriguing. Makes to want to turn the page and see more.

The cabin is nothing glamorous for sure..but it's comfortable and it's been a big part of our lives , since we brought it when the boys were young. I was thinking back and remember the night we got the call that we could come look at the cabin and talk to the previous owner about possibly buying it. It was a Sunday evening and the boys were through the bath and in their jammies getting ready for bed. They were probably about 10 and 7. They were so excited ( and so were we) that we drove out to meet the guy and look at the cabin right then. The boys went in their pajamas. lol Probably not the best parenting...but boy is it a precious memory! lol

I don't know how I managed not to have a photo of the "front of the cabin".??? Weird. I'll have to add that later. This is the back... that faces the river.
Like I said .. nothing fancy .. just a little cabin.

Kitchen area. Lots of great conversations have been had around the table. lol

You cant image the number of hours the guys have spent fishing this river. LOTS!

I don't go out there anywhere near as much as I used to , when the boys were little, and we went as a family. (Almost every weekend). Now it's kind of "Dans" getaway..but the boys still enjoy it when they can.
Last time I was out there .. and Dan had just finished painting the walls... I said .. "Why are you hanging all this old stuff back up? Why don't you put up some new stuff?" The boys and Dan all said. "No.. we like it this way". ha I guess maybe guys are different that girls in that way? I like a change now and than. I'd want to look at something different...but I think for them is nostalgia. They like it the way its always been. I guess I can relate, because when we used to go to my Uncles Cabin in the Black Hills.. I LOVED the comforting feeling I got when we walked in and things were just he same as they were when I was a kid. It was great!

We have some awesome memories make here, with family hand friends.

After seeing some of the photos from the Cabin this weekend while they were out there... I'm
fairly convienced that they still enjoy the cabin... in a bit of a different way from when they were 10 and 7, at times.. but none the less... ENJOYING it. lol

What a bunch of nuts.
( look at that big ice cycle .. holy moly)
air guitar with a snow shovel?? geezzz.. you might be a redneck if ....
Oh.. I'm glad they still enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Oh this really brought memories back for me. (I swear I got teary eyed reading the post & looking at the photos). It doesn't matter how fancy a place, it's the memories. You were smart enough to get some pictures, whereas I was not. Since my early memories are in Germany and of my Grandparents, it's impossible to go back and recreate them, with Grandpa gone.
Looking at your cabin, I could 'feel' the comfyness and the memories if that makes any sense. Thanks for sharing! Hugs

Catherine said...

what a great album, makes me wish we had had the time to go out there for an afternoon...looks like a great place to relax!!

Paben said...

Wow You got A lot more done yesterday then I did!LOL!It was fun though!This is a wonderful album,it will always bring back memories for me too, as my parents cabin was next door and The overnighter us girls had!lol!

Anonymous said...

What a great album. Great memories and now you need to make the effort to go more often just for you. Clear albums! They are beautiful. You raised some good young men.

cindy said...

Really, really cute! I got some clear, acrylic things at the scrap show (when I met you) and have only played with em once...looks like I need to try again. Thanks for the inspiration.


Country Liv . . . said...

What wonderful memories y'all made! That's what so great about things like your cabin-it pulls families together even when you aren't actually IN the cabin! The little album is so perfect to convey your love of all things 'family.'

janel said...

Oh, I love those last two photos...great book and what a treasure it is. I bet you re-lived a million memories when you were making that book...and remembered so many details of when the boys were "little"......Wonderful memories, and post!

Vicki said...

Hey Vic!

Love the book! Looks like a fun place to be!

chelemom said...

Love the look of those clear albums! Love how yours turned out! My parents have a cottage in Michigan, and it really has been a wonderful place to kids have learned to fish, water ski, and in general create lasting memories! So I can relate! Great memories!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW ... I'm so far behind in my commenting (sorry) but I'm sure glad I popped in today! What a great memory book (awesome photos)and wonderful story! I felt like I was right there at the cabin with you ... Fantastic Job - Awesome Memories!!

rose said...

oh what a beautiful album,oh bet this brought back lots of memories
and how fun to look back,and boys been boys dont like change no matter how hard us women try!

Deb S. said...

i love the way the cabin looks all comfy and cozy. how about a fun day at the cabin when the weather is warmer?hmmm?? do you think dan would mind sharin his getway pad for an afternoon? ;)

Darcy said...

Vicki, this place looks wonderful! And the way you described it is just what a cabin should be. I will bet you have great memories of this place and so will your kids. I think I will just have to build my little getaway in my own backyard!

Great album. Thanks for sharing.

Creative Mish said...

It likes like a fun place to visit! I love the acylic book. I've been wanting to make one... but for some odd reason I just keep putting it off! What do you use to stick your paper and embellishments on it? Just regular mono adhesive?

Jane Wetzel said...

Gosh I really love your cabin and it is such an awesome thing for your family!! I have been wanting to make one of those clear albums 4ever...thanks so much for showing is sooo cool!