Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worldwin GD project

This is going to be a short post.. as I'm feeling icky. Not sure if it's a cold or just sinuses..but making me miserable , none the less.
Sharing a ( all cardstock) layout I did for Worldwin cardstock for a Guest Designer project this month. You can see photos, supply list, and directions HERE in their blog.

That cool textured paper you see is called Ruche.

it was really fun to work with. They have so many different kinds of cardstock , it's amazing.

and.. it's always fun to strap a photo of the "Griffinizer" lol

Okay.. funny for the day.
When you were young , did your mom put Vicks Vapo Rub on your neck and chest and put a cloth around it. ( if not.. I'm sure it sounds really weird to you..but it's something I grew up with). Anyway, yesterday my throat was so sore, that's what I did, only I used a bandanna to put around my neck, after I put the Vicks on. Well, Wes stopped here on his way to Omaha, came in .. took one look at me and said..." Planning to Rob a bank today mom?". I could not figure out what he was talking about ...UNTIL.. I remember the red bandanna was still tied around my neck.
No bank robbing for me today, I think I'll put on some more Vick's , my bandanna , and go back to bed for a while. lol
Hope you have a great day!


Bev said...

Oh, how funny! My mom used to do the same thing with the Vicks! I actually rub some under the nose too to help me breath. Feeling a little better today - maybe we should send each other a get well card! LOL!! Hope you feel better soon!

Love the layout..he is such a cutie! I'm gonna check out that cardstock...looks so different.

Sending ya some chicken soup....

Linda Barutha said...

OMG! I used to do that too! I have a funny story with that as well. When I was a teenager and was sick, my mom rubbed the vicks on, safety pinned the towel around my neck, and 10 minutes later my very new boyfriend came to the door. It was valentines day and even though I told him I was sick, he stopped by to drop off a box of chocolates. LOL I thought I was going to die of embarrassment!! My parents thought it was hysterical as well:)

rose said...

oh hon,so sorry to hear your still feeling iffy, Oh you cannot beat good old Vicks, I still use it the same way on my little guy now!
Oh I just love this cardstock and what a project tthis turned out to be,mind you the models makes the papers pop,hes so cute!
Go to bed with good old Vick and get some sleep and rest therapy!

Charlene said...

Hope you are feeling better! Oh the smell of Vicks! Only thing yuckier than that was the smell of Ben Gay when Granny visited. That was a funny story about your son though. Take Care

Rainy said...

Oh yes the Vicks with a small towel around our neck. I have a picture of my sister sitting in bed with the towel around her neck. LOL Too funny! Hope your feeling better soon, and if you decide to do a bank job send me some loot! Hugs

Maria said...

Yes,yes,yes my mom did the same thing to us when we were kids. I've done it to my kids as well they don't like it very much. But it works!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Regan said...

what a beautiful layout!!!

Colleen said...

Love this! Great colours and that stitching is the perfect touch on it!

Anonymous said...

Adorable child! Greqat layout. Vicks on the bottoms of your feet also! Sending wishes for you to be well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my mom did the same thing. Only she used a long white sock that she warmed over a light bulb! I had to do what Bev said too, rub some under the nose and I still do it to this day. Griff makes such a good subject to scrap!! He's so darn cute!!! You've been tagged! Stop by my blog for the details!

Marisa said...

Funny how it looks like Vicks was a staple is so many families. I know that my mom depended on Vicks when any of us had a stuffy nose or sore throat. Vicky, try putting Vicks on the sole of your feet and cover your feet with socks. It is supposed to work better.

Now to your layout. I just love it. As someone else commented, Griffin is a great subject to use in the wonderful layout that you come out with.

Hope you will be feeling better soon.


stampqueen said...

I remember and still use vicks!!! I am weird as I like the smell of vicks - sorta.
Love the layout - very BOY, and Griff is definatly all boy :) and soo cute too!

happiness blooms said...

Oh, that page of Grif is A-DORABLE!!! I love the way you stiched the rootbeer letters!
I too was a child of the Vicks/washcloth era. I can remember how good it made me feel, and yet how stinky it was! LOL on the red bandana!
Hope you feel better soon! (and how is it that you can create such FAB stuff when you're sick?)

Deb Neerman said...

Love the LO, Vicki ... that c.s. is yummish!

LOL, my Mom did the same thing with the Vicks Vapo-Rub.

"Robbin' a bank today?" LOLOLOL, can just SEE you with that bandana!

Have a great weekend, Kiddo!

MJ said...

My mom did the same thing but with a sock! No one would be worried I was into mischief! Now they discourage the usage of Vicks on kids at all and claim it is a waste! I've also read it works wonders if you put it on your feet (where my sock trick would be more appropriate!)