Monday, April 13, 2009

Button Flower Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Today I'm sharing my button flower tutorial using a Pink Persimmon Banner stamp set. Here's what they look like....

And heres the stamp set I used. ( in a different sort of way) lol Lg Banner Stamp Set
You can also see this tutorial on the Pink Persimmon website HERE, along with my other projects from this month.

Large buttons, white cardstock, 12 GA wire, inks ,gems, glue gun or quick dry adhesive, Stamps (Large Banner Set) #CS010.
1.Start by cutting a 12 inch length of (12 GA) wire. Run it through one button hole and down through the other. Start twisting tight at the top, closest to the button and work your way down. (doubled over , this will give your flower a 6 inch stem

2. On white cardstock , stamp banner piece ( the one that is frame only) with black ink, repeatedly . ( each flower takes 5 of these, so the amount you stamp will depend on how many you want to make.

3.Choose your pattern and color for the inside. You really only need to ink up and stamp the tips of each, because that is the part you will be using.

4.Cut them out . Depending on the size of your button, you can decide how much of the Banner tip you’ll need to use, to allow all 5 pieces to fit around the button

5.Using hot glue, or a quick drying glue, glue all five pieces side by side around the back of the button.

6.Stamp the small flower , cut out and add to center of button. Add a gem and your flower is complete!

Have fun!
Lots to do today.. so off I go. lol... enjoy yourday everyone!


Charlene said...

LOVE THIS IDEA! What a different way to use that stamp! you are such a CLEVER GIRL! Have a great week.

tina said...

so cute & very creative, vicki!

TattingChic said...

So cute! You could really do this with all kinds of shapes, too. You probably already said that in the tute, but I was just skimming, to be honest. That is just darling.

mimi said...

Hi Vicki,
I have always loved this stamp set and now that I have seen your project I may not be able to live without it. :) I really like this clever project!!!! I just picked up the April/May Somerset Memories magazine. Your project is amazing!!!! I love to incorporate fabric into my paper projects. What a wonderful inspiration.

Linda B said...

Cool technique!

Catherine said...

what a great tutorial...THANKS. Love your button star flowers!! Hope you had a great spring day! xox.

Susan said...

These are so adorable and what a creative use for the banner stamp. Thanks for the tutorial!

Elaine said...

You are ONE CLEVER COOKIE!! That's so cute, Vicki! I never would have thought a banner set could do this, but you made it adorable!!!

Paben said...

This are really cute Vic!Great tutorial!

MJ said...

Your bouquet would be so appropriate for July 4!

Kara Ward said...

Clever, clever, clever...I love how your mind works and how you write your thoughts into a whole new creation! So very clever...Kara

Anonymous said...

You must have the patience of a saint, making those flowers! I loved the Easter pictures and Griff takes the best picture~ I hope you use his little cowboy set to highlight his little cowboy look! Of course, now he has the rock singer look going. Sending smiles and thoughts and reminding you as long as you remember hearing your dad, you need to remind your kids of it so they have those memories too.

Cathy said...

I love these...I've been wondering what gauge of wire. Now I know! Thanks so much, so cute!

chelemom said...

Oh so clever!!!! Love it!