Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Easy Springy Napkin Rings

I'll be posting directions for these simple napkin rings made with Tattered Angels "Framed Fonts" over on the Tattered Angels blog, here in just a few minutes. Talk about easy! But they look so beautiful because of the gorgeous embossed pieces..... pretty colors and GLIMMER!
The girls have been posting some fantastic projects over there on the blog. Check it out if you get a chance. HERE


The painting is all finished... but I have to tell you.. I thought I had made a huge mistake when I started to see the color I had picked for the bedroom (actually ON the walls). Dan had about had his fill of painting , so I was not about to start complaining.. (esp.. since I was the one who picked out the color). But it was much more .. shall we say.. "intense" than I was hoping. Oh.. don't get me wrong.. it matched the swatch,dead on. I guess I was not thinking on a "Bigger scale".
The colors I was going with . were this "Pond Lily" Blue for the walls, (the curtains are brown), with little hints of soft pink and a golden yellow. Like I said .. I was a bit panic stricken at first... but I'm getting used to it, and think when I get the accents in .. it will tone it down some.
It really does look "more intense" than even this photo shows... but it will be okay. Still feels good to have fresh paint on the walls.
Okay.. I just had to share this... it is so weird. I was looking through some old photos and envelopes my moms friend had given me a while back.. and ran across this clipping of old home remedies.
I started reading it .. and was like.. "WHAT"? Check it out.
You can click to see it bigger, if you want.
Here is the entire piece. Again.. you can click on it to see it larger.

lol... interesting huh?
just had to share.
Okay.. don't forget to leave a comment in the previous post HERE , if you want your name in for the giveaway. I'll be drawing three names on Friday.
Have a happy day everyone!!


TattingChic said...

That closeup of the embossed piece looks intriguing and very pretty! Wish I had more time to blog hop right now!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Oh Vic, I think the paint color is perfect ... once everything is in it's place and you have time to "get used to it", I'm sure you'll find it so soothing & comforting. They claim blue is the best color for the bedroom.

I noticed the picture of "Cupid Awake" on your wall and just had to tell you that I have an original set of "Cupid Awake" and "Cupid Asleep" still in the oval frames with "crumbling" paper backing hanging in my entryway that I just adore. Just had to share that with you ...seems our decorating ideas are similar.

Paben said...

I like the color of your room!

I think it may be a little too,late to try that asthma cure
for me though!
Those embossed pieces are beautiful done up,and even before!

Elaine said...

I love that color in the room! It's soothing!

And the butterfly is so pretty for a spring table!

It's a good thing I never had asthma...and a mom that read an article like that! lol

Have a great rest of the week, Vicki!

rose said...

oh the napkin rings looks nice!
Oh I love the pond blue colour and with hints of pinks and gold tone it will be beautiful! send Dan over I`m sick of painting,want to get on wallpapering!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I love your blue room! You have a way of pulling things all together Vicki, so it'll be gorgeous.

Sure wouldn't want to try any of those recipes on that paper you showed. Wow. Wonder if anyone actually tried some of!

Best Wishes,
Debbie Kaste

~Sasha Farina~ said...

urmm... should i try the home remedy for asthma? :D

Elly said...

What a wisdom in the little article! I've never heard of those tips before!
Your napkinholders are way too cute! Lovely colors!
The color of your bedroom is just gorgeous too! Don't hesitate anymore! Just enjoy! (think of your little mantra!)

chelemom said...

Love the new color! We are painting our living room.....what a huge job it has been ! My whole house is torn apart! It is a new soft yellow......: ) home today to paint woodwork.....whoohooo. Off to Tattered the look of that napkin ring!!

Creative Mish said...

Love the wall color! I need more color in my house! I cant ever decide for sure what I want! Those home remedies crack me up!

MJ said...

That asthma cure is frightening!! Thank goodness I didn't have asthma in that time-frame!!