Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tattered Angels / Prima

Once again, two fantastic Manufactures have teamed up! Tattered Angels and Primas Design Teams are working together this month.. creating projects using products from both companies.
Today you can see projects from these girls, on their blogs
Amy Parker (Prima)
Oh.. and me.. lol I couldn't do just one project with all this fun stuff to play with , so I have two. My first one is this round paper mache container.

Nothing more fun than having Gorgeous product to work with. Ahhh..

I used Iridescent Pearl over everything when I was all finished.. so everything that didn't start out "sparkly" before it was all said and done. lol

Instead of spraying my Glimmer Mist directly on on the paper mache container this time, I decided to do my designs on paper first and then add it to the container.

The other project I made was this journal. I have a number of these old ledgers, and just haven't done much with them, so I figured it was time. I got a creative nudge after being inspired by the gorgeous "quote" book Becky had made with an old ledger book that she shared with us the day of the classes at the loft. Anyway I finally pulled one of mine out, and used it for this project.

I just have to show you the inside of this ledger book. 49 cents?

Is this "Sew Cute" specialty paper from Prima gorgeous or what?

The Frame is from Tattered Angels. It's one of the self adhesive Embossed Chipboard pieces.

Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist was used on it first..then after it was completely dry I went over the high spots, and around the edges with my pink ink pad.

I love using the Chipboard pieces in different and unique ways. On this project, I used the top
of the watch pieces from the Tattered Traveler Pocket Watch Framed Fonts , on the front and back of the journal to run ribbon through for a closer.

And for a "hinged" look, along the binding, I cut the large Fleur-de-leis, using one part on the front and one on the back, with a strip of paper in between. These are from the Regal set.
This is the front

and here's the back.

We had a nasty ice storm here over the weekend and have been without electricity. The first time for about 20 hours..then back on for 2. About the time we thought we were on for good.. off it went again. It was off for another, almost 3 hours. It's back on now, but I'm not sure if it's going to stay that way, so I think I better post this now to be safe. All the other girls will be posting Monday morning.

Why is it.. you never realize how many things you do in a day, that involve using electricity.. UNTIL you have to do without it. ha.... What a boring day!
Atleast the sun came out today and the ice started melting. When you have daylight you can atleast read. No computer, no tv... hm.. I think I'll go laundry..nope... okay.. vaccume?.. nope.... how about cook a good meal? ummm NO! geeezzzz... And why is it ...even when you KNOW you have no electricity.. you still try to flip the light switch on EVERY time you walk in a room?? lol
Oh .. did a mention.. we have a well...and need electricity for water?? That's a whole other thing to deal with. Oh brother. lol
once it was dark... we were back to candles.
Check out this mess on the deck.

Once the sun came out and it warmed up some ..the ice started to melt off the trees.. but the wind was still blowing , so it flew off the trees and was hitting the house. What crazy weather! Just 20 minutes from here.. nothing like this. I was glad mom didn't have these problems , and kept power at her house, so she was warm...because it was getting chilly in here, after then many hours without heatI would have been worried about her.
Here's hoping the power stays ON now! brrr...

Keeping my fingers crossed!
Have a great day!


Paben said...

Oh your projects are beautiful!We were without electricity for 4 or 5 hours and that was bad enough!I just went back to bed as there was not much else I wanted to do that didn't involve elictricity!LOL!

Scrapthat said...

As always your WORK is gorgeous!

TattingChic said...

Beautiful projects! So inspiring.

Beth S said...

Beautifully done. I have a neice who's in love with pink and these would be perfect for her.

Jessica said...

Your box and journal are gorgeous! I love old ledgers, too.

cheryl McAdam said...

Gorgeous as usual. I've been collecting those little boxes, ok, actually hoarding, but now I am inspired to break them out and actually use one! That box would make a great gift box for a wedding gift, hmmm...

Linda Beeson said...

That wonderful, soft pink on the first project is gorgeous! I can see I NEED that color!!!

cindy said...

LOVE that journal!


Julie said...

wow love your projects.

Candy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Great projects to inspire everyone!!!

Starr said...

Lovely projects, I especially like the journal & the effects you created, the colors are gorgeous!

stampqueen said...

Aaaakkk - look at all that ice!!!
Sometimes I don't miss living up north at all. Although we have feeze warning out for us tonight - gotta bring all my plants in off the porch again!!!
That box and the ledger are Wonderful!!!!! Love them both!!!!

Edys Gonçalves said...

So lovely!!!!! Oooowwwwww!!!!


Gabrielle Pollacco said...

WOW!!! your projects are simply breath taking!!! I recently picked up my first bottle of glimmer mist and of course I love Prima....can't wait to give these a go!


Kara Ward said...

You know how I feel about PINK....This entire post makes me "Tickled Pink" from head to toe!!! Happy Easter!!!!

Creative Mish said...

I am a journal freak! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one you created!

rose said...

oh scrummy love both projects so much!
Wow what a crazy ice storm you had,hey no electric okay,so long as you are safe,but 20hours wow wee
no fun and yes funny how you always try to use stuff when it off

Anonymous said...

your work is absolutely stunning!!!Sharon