Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flea Market Saturday in Venice

I went to the Flea Market in Venice first thing this morning .. all by my little ol self.. and although is was a bit chilly ..and WAY windy, I had a great time just looking through ..from one end to the other. Not to mention, the drive there was so relaxing. ( you know how I love that time by myself.. just the CD player and the open road) ha.

Like I said , it was pretty chilly when I first got there, so it wasn't as busy..but by the time I left, it was a different story. The place was packed. I think everyone was tired of this long NE winter and ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine , now that spring has finally arrived.

No, I didn't purchase this bed... but I had to share the photo. Isn't the painting on it beautiful?

Here's what I did purchase. This chair is super sturdy,in fantastic shape and was a steal at $20 !It's the new chair for my desk!! YAY! Other than that , I just got this glass container , pink vase and some old patterns for a $1 each. Hey... big spender! lol

Music of choice for this trip....???? Well, Roger Cylne of course! I am getting so excited because I'll be going to see him again , live in Omaha on the 29th!!! Cant wait!
Have a listen HERE I love this song. ( okay so I like em all) ha

I did "create" a bit last night. I'll share tomorrow!
Hope you all have a fun filled Saturday!


Monica said...

Hey Vicki! Good to hear from you. It looks like you had an awesome time. I know what you mean about loving time alone on the road w/ good tunes. I just got back from antiquing myself. Isn't it great? Happy weekend.

MJ said...

I didn't realize that there was a Venice in Nebraska! I thought you were holding out on us and not revealing you had gone to Venice, Italy!

Fun finds!

Elaine said...

The new chair is a beauty! How lucky to find the good bones and also get it for only $20!!?? Can't wait to see it in place at home too :)

janel said...

What a fun day. Glad you had a good one. Hope the sun is bright and the wind is nil! Happy Sunday to you.

becky said...

hey, how did i miss you?! i was there and i saw your chair :) i liked the pink one next to it too, but it was a little pricey.

we need to have lunch!

Creative Mish said...

I wish we had big fun flea markets like that here... I really need to start watching the classified. Love the chair

Catherine said...

Venice.....oh how I loved that place!! What a great chair, and doesn't look like you have to recover it if you don't want to. said...

Is this a regular flea mkt? I'd love to drive up sometime! I just got back from a girls' weekend and it made me think that those are too few and far between.