Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little weekend drive in the country

Yesterday afternoon was so nice.. we decided to go for a drive. We loaded the dogs up and took a little drive. I laughed so hard at their reaction to this cow that was close to the road. I think they were in shock.. like it was a BIGGEST DOG they had ever seen.

Not sure which I like better, the one where "they" are in focus , or the one where "the cow" is. Either way.. it was hilarious!

We got out and walked a bit, it was just a gorgeous day.

We were shocked to see fish in there. Weird

I love barns. Well kept ones like this .. or old rickety ones.. doesn't matter to me. When I look at the old abandon ones.. I always wonder what what it was like the day everyone got together for the barn raising. How grand it was when it was new ..and how proud the family must have been. So much history.

The corn is defiantly on it's way up.

We really just drove with in about a 10 mile radius around were we live..but it's funny.... if we go anywhere.. it's usually the same way.. up to the hyway and into we miss most of this.

This is just up the road behind us about a half mile.. he doesn't know me in my car.. only when I'm walking. lol

Today , I'm packing for TX...but tomorrow I promise to post something creative. I have been working on some thing for a couple new kit's for Scrappy Gourmet..that I'll be able to share soon also.
It just seemed like such a long winter.. it feels so good to be out enjoying the nice weather.
BBQ ribs in the crock pot for dinner tonight.. so back to packing.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Until tomorrow.


Charlene said...

Looks like you had a relaxing weekend prior to the convention. You needed the R&R because I bet you will be so busy. Did you find out if you can join me for dinner Friday night? Can't wait to see you! Travel safe!

Catherine said...

I think I like the picture of the dogs in focus and the cow blurry - but they are both GREAT! Have fun in TX...

Elaine said...

Hello Darlin'! Looks like you had a great time out on the drive! I would love to have seen the dogs when the cow And with barns, I'm like you - absolutely LOVE them! I see a lot of them in Eastern'll have to head over there with us when you come to visit! :)

Jane Wetzel said...

AWESOME pics ! love this stuff too!! It is the best!

Kara Ward said...

Peaceful and perfect! I want a home right there...I thought when I married a cowboy, that this was the life I would live. Still waiting for the wide open spaces...but still love my cowboy!

Precious Treasures said...

I love looking at your photos. Soooooo relaxing.