Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starting the week

It's amazing how creatively refreshed you can feel after getting away for a bit. I woke up yesterday ..ready to dig in. I worked on two different layouts yesterday... this one and then one other.. that I'll be sharing soon. You'd certainly laugh if you saw them side by side.. and wonder..again.. "Why doesn't that girl just pick a style and stick with it?" lol I just cant!! I felt like doing something fun and funky so I first did the layout below. The second layout I'm working on ..is a floral ..and very vintage. Oh well.. whatever strikes me at the moment I guess? lol Bare with me. lol
( you can click to see it larger)

I had so much fun working on these chipboard letters. (The letters are from Fancy Pants). I chose different stamps for each letter. Stamped them each with black first..then went back and colored some parts of each , in with Watercolors..then inked them slightly with CatEye inks from Clearsnap.

This photo of Neely was taken when they were playing at South by Southwest in Austin TX last year. I wasn't there..but Wes was.. so he look the photo.

It is such a GORGEOUS morning this morning. So nice and cool.. with a great breeze. I have the house totally opened up .. and I'm taking it all in! These are my favorite kind of summer mornings.
The lilies are in bloom all around the yard... in the ditches and out in the trees. They just seem to glow when the morning sun hits them.

Ahhhh... I don't think I have ever enjoyed "summer" so much. Last winter seemed SO long.
Wes is here.. packing his gear for his vacation this next week. He and some friends are going to canoe the Dismal River this week. He is so excited about it ... and has been planning for it for some time now. Kate and Jarad are planning to meet up with them part way through the trip and spend a couple of days also.
I hope they all have a fun and safe trip! ( she says in her "mom" voice).

(the photo below is a stock photo from the Dismal river website)

Okay.. for me ... back to finishing up a couple of unfinished projects. Lots going on between now an CHA.. I have a feeling July is going to be a whirlwind.
Enjoy your day friends!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tilly .. two nights in a row.. whooo hoo

Wow.. it was a fun..whirl wind of a weekend ..that's for sure. After seeing the Tilly's perform in Omaha Friday night.. we.. ( my sister and brother-in-law...Neely's parents and I), decided we were going to take in the show in Lawrence Kansas and see them perform Saturday night.

Boy did the crowd in Lawrence ever make the Tilly's feel welcome! What a fun crowd!

I could watch them perform .. time and time again. Every single show is so fun and energetic. They really have FUN when they are playing .. and everyone feels it!

I know.. Im a crazy-proud Aunt..but I could listen to her sing forever. Her momma and I have a hard time keeping dry eyes through a couple of songs. ( I think her Dad too..but he has a huge camera he can hide behind) lol

After the show, Neely came back to the Hotel and stayed the night with us. The four of us road home together today. We had some good laughs...enjoyed and day... and Neel and I even caught a little nap in the backseat. She has such a busy life..she was just pooped..... and me.. well and I'm just gett'n too old to party like a rock star... two nights in a row. hahahahahah

(I had one drink.. all weekend) lol

On the way back.. we dropped Neely off first.. I remembered she had this book setting out and I've been wanting to take a picture of it. So many people have asked me where they got the name of the Band.

It's the name of a favorite children's book.. of one of the band members.

THANKYOU.. Jan, Keith, Neely .. and the Tilly's for a super fun weekend!


Oh... on the way home from Lincoln tonight.. Dan called and said... "Come on out to the cabin and see the progress". They boys and Kate were still painting ..but he was about ready to head home anyway.. so I stopped for a bit before heading home.

I'm proud of the kids for being SO helpful with Cabin work!~
The boys loved the cabin when they were little...and...
I think they are really starting to take an interest in the cabin again , now that they are older. I know that really makes their dear ol dad happy.

The guys worked on trimming trees last weekend.. to Dan is still burning, trying to get that cleaned up.

The river was really beautiful tonight. I walked down to take a couple of photos..but the mosquito's were chasing me away.

Since Dan was already out there with his vehicle.. and I with mine..so we caravaned home...but I had to make a stop or two for a photo.. because the sky was GORGEOUS!

The first one was just as I came out of Fremont ..heading home. I thought the sky was a intense "orange" then......

By the time I turned on the gravel road to home... this was the color of the sky.

I didnt photoshop the color at all...it was really that bright. Amazing!

This is the sky above the cornfield across the road. The corn as grown SO much with all that rain and how the sunny days.

Some days you have to try to look at the glass half full instead of half empty..
this weekend .. my glass is running over.
Thankful for such a wonderful weekend!

ps. now .. I promise to get busy on something creative to share here ... I'll break out the paper and scissors tomorrow. lol

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well.... we had such fun last night at the Tilly show. I was sick with a migraine most of the day yesterday.. and didn't think I'd be able to go..but it let up some in the afternoon.. so I decided to try and go. I would have been so sad if I couldn't have made it. I was lucky..because it DID go away.. I went ...and the night was PERFECT. It was an Outside show at "The Anchor Inn" in Omaha... gorgeous summer night... great breeze. I loved every minute!
This is going to be a quick post because... guess what? On a whim.. at the last minute.. we've decided to make the drive to Lawrence Kansas to see them perform TONIGHT. lol I need to be heading out here shortly.

Below is a photo of my nieces Neely,( who's in the band), Kiley... and Kiley's two sister-in-laws.

This was before the show started. But you can see how the Missouri river runs just behind the stage set up. It's a cool place.

The band had tables reserved for their families.... ahhh... pretty nice to come in a have a great spot all saved for you. (lucky)

Neely is on the left.

The place was packed and they put on a fantastic show. Perfect night!

Okay.. now packed and headed for KS. Cant wait for another fun night.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend also.
Back soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last minute plans are sometimes the best...

It's true.. sometimes things just fall into place, and it's a great day all the way around. On a whim I called my sis and told her , she should just come over and spend the day. I have been so hooked on making fabric/paper books lately.. I thought it would be a fun project for her and I , to work on with copies of old family photos. She lives about and hour and 15minutes away.. so she hopped in the car and come on over. We had the BEST day, just chatting and creating.

Each of us got a good start on our books. I'll share them when we get them all finished..but here are a few peeks at some of the pages. The one above is from Jan's book.
The one below is from mine.

The first photo is my mom on the porch of our old house. We moved from there when I was in first grade. (Remember ..there were 6 other kiddos before me.) lol
The second photo of the kids with the fish, are .. one of my sisters, two of my brothers, and two cousins.
The girl looking so unhappy on the left is my sister Jan , who was here today. We laughed about how crabby she looked. lol ( I now understand ..there was some question as to who really caught the big fish). lol
I'm still working on the page below..but it's my dad and I when I was a wee one. We were in the Black Hills of SD... I think a Dinosaur Park. My Aunt and Uncle had a cabin in the Black Hills so we went there , most every summer.

We filled our books with all kinds of fabric, papers, trims , and embellishments.
We had the table full of vintage finds and treasures for our books.
Below is a page from Jans book. The photo is of me when I was a babe.

Below is another page from Jans book. The photo is of her with my two brothers Ray and Dan. I think it was taken at my Grandparents farm.

We both have lots more photos to add to our books, but all of our pages are sewn and ready.. so I think we have them finished before long. I'll share then.
As you can see by the table ...... (and the fact that it's getting dark out when I took this photo)... we had a great time.
The only thing that could have made the day any better .. would have been... if all my sisters could have been here together. I miss my sisters who are out of state .. especially on days like today.


btw... Taylors Friday Cupcake Challenge is taking a break for the next 3 weeks , while Miss Taylor and her Hubby get moved.

I'm pretty excited because "Tilly and the Wall" my nieces band is playing in Omaha tonight .. and we're going. I LOVE seeing them perform.. it's always a great time!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tattered Angels CHA sneek peek and a New Scrapbook Store in Fremont

I am so excited about the new releases from Tattered Angels for CHA!

They are beginning to post them now.. so pop on over the the Glimmer Mist blog and sneak a peek.

They always have so many beautiful projects posted, over there... not to mention info on all the new products.

I have a box sitting right here next to me filled with a plethora of TA goodness... just waiting more my attention.. play time is calling! yay!


Yesterday was the my first time into Amy's new store in Fremont , since she opened on Monday. If you live anywhere near at all.. you should defiantly check it out.. it's SO fun!! ( if you don't live near .. well come anyway.. we'll have a little party) lol

Dont let the front decive you... this place is like a mile deep. It seems to go on forever.. and has a big workroom in the back with lots of natural light.

Yay! no more having to run to Omaha for everything. ( and even there, I couldn't begin to find the variety she has here)

she does a fantastic job of having a huge variety of product.. and is great about having the new releases right away.

The personality of the store , because of they way she does her displays is amazing.
How she got all this here and the story set up in such a sort time ( and with a knee brace on ) boggles my mind. She doesn't let anything stop her.

I'm tempting you , aren't I? lol

I'm needing a ribbon rack like this. Now "that" is alot of ribbon.

Can you tell ... the store is all about having fun?

Downtown Fremont has some historic buildings. Brick Walls in her.. and and amazing tin tile ceiling. ( which Amy has a bunch of chandeliers hanging from)

Stickles anyone?

As my sister would say... it's just a treasure trove of goodness.

even the power room is cute!

One wall is chalkboard... so I left my mark. ha

Can you tell, I'm excited about having this amazing store ( and Amy and her family) in Fremont? lol

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another packed day

It was a busy day .. so I have lots to share..but first of all , I'll show you these Bingo cards I worked on the other night. I used Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Images for both.
They were so fun to make.

You can click to see them larger, if you want. What made me jump to Halloween? I have no idea..except that I LOVE CS Halloween stuff ... SO MUCH! lol I don't think you can see if in this photo..but I used diamond glaze on the candle drippings and "Stickles" on the flame.

It was a busy day..but lots of fun. I started of the morning .. going to check out Amy's new store in Fremont.. now that she's open. Oh.... it's wonderful! I'll be sharing those photos tomorrow. That store has SO much personality...it's fun just to look around and take it all in .
I then met my friend Julie for lunch. Julie is just one of those "forever" friends.. that you are just SO thankful for!! I love that girl to pieces!
We had a great visit..but as always.. never long enough.
THEN... after lunch...
Griffin , Adain and I when to the park and played in the water!
I say ..this first photo.. pretty much sums it all up. lol

What a couple of characters!

They could entertain me all afternoon. They are both just a hoot!

They weren't just "trying" to get me wet ..they DID! lol Well,.... if I remember correctly.. I kind of encouraged it a bit. ha ahha

I love their "million different " facial expressions.

I think they had fun.

Afterwards.. we dried off and went for ice cream, before heading back.

I have to say... I sang my share of the "Banana fanna foe fanna... me my moe manna" song ...in the care. ... to last me a while. lol
It was fun!