Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another packed day

It was a busy day .. so I have lots to share..but first of all , I'll show you these Bingo cards I worked on the other night. I used Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Images for both.
They were so fun to make.

You can click to see them larger, if you want. What made me jump to Halloween? I have no idea..except that I LOVE CS Halloween stuff ... SO MUCH! lol I don't think you can see if in this photo..but I used diamond glaze on the candle drippings and "Stickles" on the flame.

It was a busy day..but lots of fun. I started of the morning .. going to check out Amy's new store in Fremont.. now that she's open. Oh.... it's wonderful! I'll be sharing those photos tomorrow. That store has SO much personality...it's fun just to look around and take it all in .
I then met my friend Julie for lunch. Julie is just one of those "forever" friends.. that you are just SO thankful for!! I love that girl to pieces!
We had a great visit..but as always.. never long enough.
THEN... after lunch...
Griffin , Adain and I when to the park and played in the water!
I say ..this first photo.. pretty much sums it all up. lol

What a couple of characters!

They could entertain me all afternoon. They are both just a hoot!

They weren't just "trying" to get me wet ..they DID! lol Well,.... if I remember correctly.. I kind of encouraged it a bit. ha ahha

I love their "million different " facial expressions.

I think they had fun.

Afterwards.. we dried off and went for ice cream, before heading back.

I have to say... I sang my share of the "Banana fanna foe fanna... me my moe manna" song ...in the care. ... to last me a while. lol
It was fun!


Michelle said...

loved the creations! so cute! and looks like the boys really had some fun...love days like that!

MJ said...

Would you give that Griffin a big hug from me? That would make me feel much better! Thanks!

Julie Higgins said...

Lunch was GREAT! I think we could talk 24/7 and there would never be a quiet moment! It reminds me just how much I miss not working with you and seeing you every day! I hadn't checked out your blog for awhile..it is so fun to look at. The music was a wonderful surprise..sounds like Nealy's band..is it? The pictures of the boys at the partk made me smile! Take care dear friend! Julie

Julie Higgins said...

Sorry..I am a little slow. I just looked back and saw your playlist. The song that came on when I first got on was Nealy's band's Alligator Skin song. What an awesome fun song! I could just picture Nealy having a great time performing it! Julie

janel said...

What darling kiddos...and you hit "BINGO" big time with these creations. Love them.

Cathy said...

love the bingo cards...too cute! Great pictures of the little guys! Oh to have that much energy!!!

becky said...

they are lucky boys to have you! looks like a fun afternoon!

Susan said...

Love the bingo card creations! And what two little cuties. Looks like you all had fun.

Nat said...

you are so good with photos!!!! I love those cards!

Elaine said...

First of all, I want to play in the water too!!! Dang, those little guys are cute!! ;-)

And the bingo cards are killing me! I want them so bad! So much retro fun!!

TattingChic said...

Those bingo cards are DARLING and so are those adorable kids playing in the water! Now, THERE's a cute scrapbook page just waiting to happen! :)

Precious Treasures said...

Oh I LOVED seeing the photos of the kids. Thay are adorable!