Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last minute plans are sometimes the best...

It's true.. sometimes things just fall into place, and it's a great day all the way around. On a whim I called my sis and told her , she should just come over and spend the day. I have been so hooked on making fabric/paper books lately.. I thought it would be a fun project for her and I , to work on with copies of old family photos. She lives about and hour and 15minutes away.. so she hopped in the car and come on over. We had the BEST day, just chatting and creating.

Each of us got a good start on our books. I'll share them when we get them all finished..but here are a few peeks at some of the pages. The one above is from Jan's book.
The one below is from mine.

The first photo is my mom on the porch of our old house. We moved from there when I was in first grade. (Remember ..there were 6 other kiddos before me.) lol
The second photo of the kids with the fish, are .. one of my sisters, two of my brothers, and two cousins.
The girl looking so unhappy on the left is my sister Jan , who was here today. We laughed about how crabby she looked. lol ( I now understand ..there was some question as to who really caught the big fish). lol
I'm still working on the page below..but it's my dad and I when I was a wee one. We were in the Black Hills of SD... I think a Dinosaur Park. My Aunt and Uncle had a cabin in the Black Hills so we went there , most every summer.

We filled our books with all kinds of fabric, papers, trims , and embellishments.
We had the table full of vintage finds and treasures for our books.
Below is a page from Jans book. The photo is of me when I was a babe.

Below is another page from Jans book. The photo is of her with my two brothers Ray and Dan. I think it was taken at my Grandparents farm.

We both have lots more photos to add to our books, but all of our pages are sewn and ready.. so I think we have them finished before long. I'll share then.
As you can see by the table ...... (and the fact that it's getting dark out when I took this photo)... we had a great time.
The only thing that could have made the day any better .. would have been... if all my sisters could have been here together. I miss my sisters who are out of state .. especially on days like today.


btw... Taylors Friday Cupcake Challenge is taking a break for the next 3 weeks , while Miss Taylor and her Hubby get moved.

I'm pretty excited because "Tilly and the Wall" my nieces band is playing in Omaha tonight .. and we're going. I LOVE seeing them perform.. it's always a great time!



Elaine said...

Those special memories were made even better with the pages you and your sister made today AND the new memories that you made together while creating! Bravissimo!

Paben said...

I am glad you and Jan had a fun day!I wish i was that close to my sisters and they shared my likes!I can't believe Dan and Ray didn't have fishing hats on in the pictures!LOL!

cheryl McAdam said...

Your projects are just so gorgeous. Makes me want to break out the sewing machine!

Bev said...

I would have gladly pretended to be one of your sisters to join you guys making these great albums. It definitely looks like you had a wonderfull day together. These books are soo coool...but would have I expected any less? Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

What fun to have your sister over to play. It's so nice that you two like the same things. Your pages are wonderful -can't wait to see the finished books. Great old photos! You were a cutie!

TattingChic said...

That sounds like a very special day! Your sister's book is darling! Those pages are so sweet. :)

Cathy said...

It is Dinosaur Park!! You should come visit and we could go up and take new pictures...wouldn't that be fun!!!

Jane Wetzel said...

Whoa...sounds like my kinda day...those books look awesome..wish I was with ya! :)

Linda said...

These are both gorgeous albums...what precious memories! Are the pages all a quilt or did you use something else for the base?

harrahx2 said...

Hope your week-end is going well. I love the pictures. I do declare honey, you haven't changed a bit! They are so cute!

Pattyjo said...

Hello Vic,
Did you get my emails about getting the kit with the box and cards? I never got a response. :+)

chelemom said...

Love the pages you've created here!

Ingvild Bolme (Spinnvild) said...

Wow, GREAT BOOK! Love all that vintage stuff, wish I could play with all that! ;-)
I just love your style Vic, you rock it all!

Wish you a fab. summer!