Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pink Persimmon challenge/ My altered Arts Magazine Project

Here is it mid week already. I have been meaning to tell you about the Pink Persimmon Blog Challenge going on .
You can read all about it here.
** here's a bit about it from Pink Persimmon**
June 1st thru June 12thThe PINK and ORANGE Challenge. Create a card, layout, home decor, or any type of art, as long as it uses the colors of Pink and Orange. Link your image to a comment in the blog post and we'll do a random draw from all the participants on June 13th. Winning Prize: $25 gift certificate to the store, plus the 2009 Stamping Ideas book from Scrapbook Trends.
They have some Awesome new stamps coming out SOOOON!

I decided I'd share one of my previous projects for Altered Arts Magazine. This Project was the Winter publication. It's an altered chipboard house done using one of these. Sweet Chips Folding House

And .. of course.. you can imagine.. I used Glimmer Mist to color it.

I made this wood base , by using a round wooden plaque and adding large wood balls for feet.

All of the stamps and papers used in this project, are also from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

Below are photos of the outside of the house.

*** I also wanted to be sure to tell you that there are some fun giveaways posted on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog also. HERE
I have been busy catching up on things , since I got back from TX......... so I havent really left the house. Today I HAD to go get some groceries.. so we had so food in this house! But first I stopped at the $ store to see if I could get some more of those frames I used for that Bird Project a while back. No such luck...but I did find these cute dishes. lol They were so cute and summery.

I stopped by to say hello to mom and then headed for the grocery store. I'm either getting old , crabby or cheap( or maybe a bit of all three)... lol .. because I was crabbing about how grocery prices have gone up so much. Maybe I have just been trying to ignore it..but Good grief. Ridiculous ( yep.. I'm turning into a crabby old lady.. I"m sure of it) lol
But.. atleast.. there is food in the house again. lol

I was laughing at this photo ..when I notice that big jar of baby carrots on the top shelf. That is Aly and Mollys treat jar. lol Carrots are their very favorite treat!

** Those bottles on the bottom shelf... all diet soda.. I promise.**

Have a Happy Day!!!


Carol (HB) said...

My eyes went right for that bottom shelf... thinking if that is wine I'll be right over! LOL
I totally hear ya on the crabby mood after getting groceries! Just think of all the FUN stuff we could buy if we didn't eat! hahaha
Love LOVE the project!!!

DeniseLynn said...

Love those dishes! and that fridge sure looks happy.

I'm thrilled to tell you my nearby tiny little art/stamp store finally got some Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens! I bought some and wooohooo I love 'em. Now I'm buggin her to get more glimmer mist - she only has silver and duh, I've got that one already. She hasn't had other colors in for months! Sheesh. {you're not alone in the crabby old lady department ... I'm griping away about this and earlier was complaining about grocery stuff too}.

TattingChic said...

That house is adorable! That looks like something I would LOVE to make for my nieces and nephews! :)

MJ said...

I try to stay away from the Dollar Store (& Costco). Their sales mount higher and higher, my bank account lower and lower!

I thought the jar of carrots were pickled! Then I noticed they were for the dogs. Hmmmm... pickled carrots. I'm not sure if I'm ambitious enough to do that yet!

Tasha said...

Stunning work its really beautiful love the vintage effect and so so gorgeous.
Love tasha xx

Jane Wetzel said... just amaze are incredibly talented...tfs...

Karen Cheetham said...

I absolutely LOVE the house! Beautiful colors and design. I also noted in your fridge that you like Diet Coke...I don't want to know life without Diet Coke (or coffee!).

Susan said...

Hi Vicki,
It was so good to see you Saturday! I posted the picture from my camera on my blog. I love this house project. What a clever idea to make the base too. Maybe we can get together for dinner or something the next time you come in town.

stampqueen said...

Love that house - such rich colors!!!And LOVE the photos!!!!
Groceries are expensive!!!! - and I took the kiddos to a movie the ohter day - now That was crazy - 3 tickets, popcorn, candy, soda - OUCH!!!

chelemom said...

Your house is GORGEOUS!!!! I am finally starting to use my Glimmer Mist......I was kind of intimidated by it!

Elaine said...

If only the house could be lived in!! It'd be mine!!! :) I love the little stand and the great colors on the house! So pretty!! Oh, and the stuff you bought at the $ store to put IN your house - love them!!! I'm going to look for some tomorrow! :)

Connie said...

The Altered chipboard house is fabulous..such nice blend of colors, not too garrish like some I have seen.. VERY NICE!!!!