Monday, June 22, 2009

Relaxing weekend

I did nothing as far as "creating" this weekend..but I did lots of other things I really enjoyed. lol Here are some fun photos from yesterday at Paula and Rons.
This is their little grandson William... and what a sweetheart he is!

Seriously.. what a loving little guy.

Can you tell, he melted my heart?

The kids were having a blast in the pool. It was a hot one yesterday.. so the pool was the best place to be. It's suppose to be a scorcher again today. Winter always seems so long and I look so forward to warmer weather ..that I really hold off turning the air conditioning for as long as I can.. because I just hate closing the house up ....but Dan caved and turned it on last night.
I must say , it feels pretty good in here right now. ahhh

oh.. to be young. Natasha... was so funny... she certainly did mind me taking photos... actually I think she kind of liked it. lol

Paula is a very talented artist. Here are two projects she just finished and had framed. Pretty amazing huh?
We grilled out and had a really nice time. Thanks guys!
Saturday evening we grilled at moms with Jan and Keith. It was just perfect weather.. no mosquito's.. and a nice breeze. It was really nice to just sit out on the patio and chat. We enjoyed root beer floats after dinner too. yum
I think mom really enjoyed the evening. Jan and I both commented later, how great it is to see her laugh so much.
Jarad and Kate also stopped out yesterday for Fathers Day. The bought Dan a fish fryer for the cabin. (now all he has to do is catch some fish) hahah... and I'm sure , "that" will be his mission.
Wes had to work yesterday..but he called with Fathers Day Wishes.
Friday was my sister-in-law Loris Birthday
Yesterday was my niece Neelys Birthday...
And a Belated Happy Fathers Day to my Brothers and Brothers-in-laws...because I was a BAD sister and did not get cards sent. eeekk Iknow!

Hope .. you all had a great weekend .. and that your week is off to a fantastic start!


TattingChic said...

What a sweet little boy! I love those photos of his being so gentle with the kitten. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. He's got some great personality traits going on there!

The photos of the kids splashing in the summer sun look fun! :)

Charlene said...

That little one with his kitty is toooooooooooooo cute. Have not created much of anything lately. Busy Busy Busy though. Taking digital workshop from Gail at Creative Workshops. I think I am a technical looser. :) No, really I am doing OK it's just a LOT of information & I am such a newby. Have a great week.

Elaine said...

What a darling little boy and kitty!! He'd melt my heart in a second! I'm so glad summer has arrived for you! It's on hiatus over here :( figures...I'm off this week! Grrr!! Love the footloose and fancy free splashing in the pool too!! :)

janel said...

What a great weekend you had...and I can hear the laughter from the pool from here. :)
I am feeling the same way about the AC, but after today, I may cave in too.
Have a great week.

stampqueen said...

Looks like a fun weekend - our pool is so warm right now that it feels like a hot tub - we have had heat indexes above 110 for over a week now - best time for the pool here right now is after dark :).
Cute kiddos, cute kitten too - I am watching my old one close - this weekend she had a bad episode, she was paralyzed on one side, it resolved itself after about 10 minutes but gave me a scare ( she is 18 years old now).

Paben said...

I am so glad you came out!It was a relaxing time!The picture of William and Tasha turned out so cute!Tasha is Kadi's boyfriend's neice and we are already grandma and Grandpa to her too,She and grandpa like to tease each other,but she adores him!Cody brought William out to swim tonight and I thought I was going to shove him off that ladder to go to Cody because he didn't want to get out!lol!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vic! I just have to tell you the photos of the children are awesome! Wow! Yes, that William is certainly a heart stealer . . . the 3rd photo just took mine and galloped away!
I'm so glad that Sweet Momma is enjoying the Spring/Summer with her devoted children.
I'm off to see Kim today, please ask for prayers from all you know for her? She is not doing well at all.

Kara Ward said...

Fabulous photos...You just keep getting better and better at capturing the moment. Oh, he is a yummy little boy. Melt my heart in an instance. Kara

harrahx2 said...

You didn't get the cards mailed? Hello stamper..........too funny. Just tell them it's the heat after the cold..