Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scrape and Paint sorta day

Finally a little sunshine! And it's a good thing.. because we had big plans to scrape and paint out the the cabin today. They are talking more rain again..but if nothing else we got part of the work done.

It was a beautiful day out at the river.. not to hot and not to cold.

When I walked across the yard , down closer to the river.. there was so much cotton dropping from the cottonwood trees.. it seriously looked like it was snowing.

Today was finished scraping and painting the little cabin. We are waiting on some lumber before we can really dig into working on the big cabin. ( we just call them , .. big cabin and little cabin..but actually neither is very big) lol

The "little cabin" (closest in the photo below).. is just a small one room cabin that Dan and the boys built when the boys were little. It was just a place for them to have a little "freedom" but yet we were close enough that we could keep an eye on them. It just has bunk beds a frig and tv , ect in it.. nothing special .. it was just a separate little place of their own. In the background it the "big" (actually not so big) cabin. It's what we originally bought when the boys just little.

I wish I could give you a visual of what happened between the above photo and the one below..because it would have been quite funny to someone watching from afar. Let's just say..that I should not get so caught up in what I am photographing and look down more often..because .... you guessed it.. SNAKE.

I am just clicking away at an interesting pattern in some bark.. and glanced down ... I just react ..before I can even process that's going on. Not just the bloody scream that comes out of me..but the uncontrollable flailing of my appendages..I'm sure is quite a sight. After I calm down.. it's almost laughable , ME. What a dork! I love it ,that the guys always say.. "oh it's just a garter snake".. as if it makes a difference to me "what" kind it is. Garter, rattler, sidewinder, cobra.. all SNAKES right. yeshhhhhhh... hate em..theyre just gross!

Everyone got in on the work today. Dan and Weston

Kate and Jarad. Yep.. and even me.

I told them , I did all the work yesterday.. cooking for today.. but that didn't get me off the hook.

I did make BBQ ribs, potato salad, veggie pasta salad and baked beans.. and it did taste pretty good, after working all day.. if I do say so myself. I love to cook.. it just seems like I dont do it as much as I used to...especially big quantities.

I have to say.. it was really nice to spend the day at the cabin with the boys (and kate).. like we used to , so much at one time. I think , although we worked.. everyone really enjoyed themselves.

At the end of the night, Wes came in , with this little tree frog and handed him to Jarad to see. Jarad and Kate looked at him and they all chatted and laughed about it . lol.. it was just like when the boys were younger. ( ahh.. another nostalgic "mom moment" When they were little , and we were out at the cabin, they where always finding some new interesting little thing ,that they would bring in to share. ( You always felt a bit nervous just before they open their hands.. wondering just what it might be) lol
I still am.

Thankful for such a NICE day with the fam.


Linda B said...

That's what it's all about:)

Catherine said...

I would have given anything to be there and see the snake incident ;-) we would have gotten a few good laughs out of that. Glad you had a productive rained here ALL dang day!!

stampqueen said...

I told my Mom that my DD would bring the sunshine up with her for ya but we sent it on ahead instead LOL - we put her on the plane tomorrow at 6am.....
Looks like you had a fun day and got lots done too!

bettyann said...

aww so sweet..treasure theses days ...!!!!

MJ said...

Great frog story! I don't have those experiences too often; more likely that I'm needed to put on some doll clothes of some sort!

Deb S. said...

EEEEEEKKKKKK i hate snakes too,i can sympathize with snake encounter!!!YUKKK!!! glad the rain finally stopped so you guys could get on with your plans.

Micki said...

You guys had a very productive weekend. That always feels good, doesn't it?! It must be the time for snakes...... we found a 4ft black snake on our front porch (u can see the photos on my blog) and like you, I screamed so loud although the snake was already dead that I'm sure you heard me all the way in Nebraska, lol.

janel said...

Love it...every detail and photo. have a great one!

Bev said...

It's always great when everyone works together. Love that lil' froggie too! he he....