Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starting the week

It's amazing how creatively refreshed you can feel after getting away for a bit. I woke up yesterday ..ready to dig in. I worked on two different layouts yesterday... this one and then one other.. that I'll be sharing soon. You'd certainly laugh if you saw them side by side.. and wonder..again.. "Why doesn't that girl just pick a style and stick with it?" lol I just cant!! I felt like doing something fun and funky so I first did the layout below. The second layout I'm working on ..is a floral ..and very vintage. Oh well.. whatever strikes me at the moment I guess? lol Bare with me. lol
( you can click to see it larger)

I had so much fun working on these chipboard letters. (The letters are from Fancy Pants). I chose different stamps for each letter. Stamped them each with black first..then went back and colored some parts of each , in with Watercolors..then inked them slightly with CatEye inks from Clearsnap.

This photo of Neely was taken when they were playing at South by Southwest in Austin TX last year. I wasn't there..but Wes was.. so he look the photo.

It is such a GORGEOUS morning this morning. So nice and cool.. with a great breeze. I have the house totally opened up .. and I'm taking it all in! These are my favorite kind of summer mornings.
The lilies are in bloom all around the yard... in the ditches and out in the trees. They just seem to glow when the morning sun hits them.

Ahhhh... I don't think I have ever enjoyed "summer" so much. Last winter seemed SO long.
Wes is here.. packing his gear for his vacation this next week. He and some friends are going to canoe the Dismal River this week. He is so excited about it ... and has been planning for it for some time now. Kate and Jarad are planning to meet up with them part way through the trip and spend a couple of days also.
I hope they all have a fun and safe trip! ( she says in her "mom" voice).

(the photo below is a stock photo from the Dismal river website)

Okay.. for me ... back to finishing up a couple of unfinished projects. Lots going on between now an CHA.. I have a feeling July is going to be a whirlwind.
Enjoy your day friends!!!


Clint & Alicia McLaws said...

Hello! I've recently discovered your blog, and I love it! :) I love the layout you made, and I was just wondering how you made the scratch lines on the picture....or it appears to be scratch lines. LOL idk...the ones around the perimeter of the picture :)

chelemom said...

Awesome Rockin' LO!!!

harrahx2 said...

Sounds like a terrific week-end and you still managed to create? How the heck do you find the time. That sunset was unbelievable and your pictures, as always are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, you make my cup run over.

janel said...

Yummy layout of Neely. I love the chipboard letters..what a cool idea/technique.
Hoping the "dismal" is lot of fun, and that it isn't too fast and furious, although I am sure the kids would like it to be..but I hear you as a mom!!
Looking forward to seeing the floral layout...enjoy the open windows and fresh air.

Anonymous said...

I love this layout! Those letters rock! LOL It gave me an idea for some concert photos. So thanks for sharing!


Sharon in NE said...

This style is perfect for a page on Neely and I love the sweetness you wrote on it!

Pattyjo said...

Canoeing would scare me. Wes likes to do the ruff and rugged things. he loves the outside hobbies. Me...I would rather be inside where it is safer. :+)