Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tattered Angels CHA sneek peek and a New Scrapbook Store in Fremont

I am so excited about the new releases from Tattered Angels for CHA!

They are beginning to post them now.. so pop on over the the Glimmer Mist blog and sneak a peek.

They always have so many beautiful projects posted, over there... not to mention info on all the new products.

I have a box sitting right here next to me filled with a plethora of TA goodness... just waiting more my attention.. play time is calling! yay!


Yesterday was the my first time into Amy's new store in Fremont , since she opened on Monday. If you live anywhere near at all.. you should defiantly check it out.. it's SO fun!! ( if you don't live near .. well come anyway.. we'll have a little party) lol

Dont let the front decive you... this place is like a mile deep. It seems to go on forever.. and has a big workroom in the back with lots of natural light.

Yay! no more having to run to Omaha for everything. ( and even there, I couldn't begin to find the variety she has here)

she does a fantastic job of having a huge variety of product.. and is great about having the new releases right away.

The personality of the store , because of they way she does her displays is amazing.
How she got all this here and the story set up in such a sort time ( and with a knee brace on ) boggles my mind. She doesn't let anything stop her.

I'm tempting you , aren't I? lol

I'm needing a ribbon rack like this. Now "that" is alot of ribbon.

Can you tell ... the store is all about having fun?

Downtown Fremont has some historic buildings. Brick Walls in her.. and and amazing tin tile ceiling. ( which Amy has a bunch of chandeliers hanging from)

Stickles anyone?

As my sister would say... it's just a treasure trove of goodness.

even the power room is cute!

One wall is chalkboard... so I left my mark. ha

Can you tell, I'm excited about having this amazing store ( and Amy and her family) in Fremont? lol


MJ said...

I'm so glad that I don't live near that store! I'd be claiming bankruptcy!

Precious Treasures said...


Cathy said...

Love it! What a fun inspiring place!!

micki said...

Oh the store looks awesome. Having been in Merchandising, I always say it's all about the presentation and she did a fabulous job. One of these Saturdays I'll have to treat myself with a little day trip, lol. I love the brick walls - I can't wait to come and visit. (Although I think I'll wait til this heatwave breaks, lol).


Karen said...

What a great store! I love the vintage look. I'd have to pack a lunch to stay for a good part of a day!

Anonymous said...

I love her displays and your photos! I swear, I would just want everything, and would be bankrupt! My train of thought has no caboose!

Elaine said...

I'm ready to move.... what a darling store and packed full of fun treasures!