Friday, July 31, 2009

TECC # 76 Taylors Challenge

Happy Taylors Challenge Day! ( or Friday.. if that makes you even happier) lol
I'm still in Florida at CHA.. could me a chance to do one of Taylors Sketches.. so because I'm a nut.. I was doing it at midnight the night before I left. lol
When I took this photo in the AM is was barely light but no time.. gotta head to the airport. ( just call me suzy-last minute) oh brother

Anyway.. here's Taylor sketch this week. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the creations the Cup Cake Crew came up with this week. Amazing always , I'm sure.
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Fancy Pant Halloween

Hey everyone.. just popping quickly before leaving for the show.. to say.. the show is going great and we are having a super time. I spent the night last night at the house with the Tatter Angels girls. What a bunch of fun people... lots of laughs. Sandy , Lisa and I have been having catching up. When you only see eachother a couple times a year..theres lots to talk about. (okay.. we talk alot anyway)lol
I've been taking photos.. so as soon as I have a little more time.. I'll try to upload some.
Off to the show!

I'm having a hard time giving up working with this Halloween line.. so.. just a bit more.. and you can go back to summertime, okay? lol
I have had these Martha Stewart Test Tubes I got on sale at Micheal's a year or so ago.. so I thought this was a good time to do something with them.
I used the rubons directly on some of them.

I had to have something to carry them in so... I went digging around in my "to alter" box.

The only problem I had here was finding "Halloween Candy" in July. lol
Just did the best I could. I think the lady at the register thought I had quite a sweet tooth. oh.. brother.

There is alot of Candy on my desk right now... DANGER!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New... Fancy Pants "Trick or Treat" line

Just to get your attention.. I thought I'd jump you ahead to Halloween. lol
Relax.. not October yet..but you know how fast the time flys. lol
This is the new Fancy Pants Trick or Treat Line.

I had fun making this little altered box , using this line..

As always.. all the papers are double sided and there are rubons and emblies and trims to match. ( tiny orange pom pom trim.. oh yeah!)

I know it's "cheesy"..but I had to add some wiggly eyes. lol It took some digging around but I finally found them.

The only problem with this that I cant decided which side of the paper I want to use. lol

Trick or Treat! .....................................huh? lol

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More new Tattered Angels...

Woo Hoo! I have always been a butterfly lover so this stamp has me just GIDDY! It’s such a beautiful stamp anyway.. and when it’s stamped over the matching butterfly Glimmer Screen… Oooooh la la! I’m in heaven!
I offset my stamp from the screen print just slightly ..because I love that look .. but you can easily place it right on top of your misted butterfly image. You can use the negative or the positive of the misted butterfly.. either effect is gorgeous
Tattered Angels

Here it is closer.

The “In flight” is also a part of this stamp .. as well as the swirls behind the butterfly. I love that they are able to be used separatly. I used the swirls around the edges of my saying also.
Stamped with a lighter color , they would easily make beautiful background paper. ( See how my mind wanders?) lol
Oh..the possibilities!

Enjoy the day friends!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Fancy Pants "Rough and Tough" line

Yay... finally BOY paper that is cool! Having two boys ... I have commented so many times over the years.. how there is so much to choose from in the scrapbook world if you have girls.. but the boy stuff.. not so much. SO I love this line!

And .. as soon as I saw it .. I knew what photos I wanted to use on the first layout. Yay!

Fun rubons and goodies with this paper line also. It's great when there are some basic shapes also.. so you can do with them what works for your layout.
I used the circles and dashes from the rubons to create a speedometer.

There are lots more great samples on the Fancy Pants Blog.. so check em out if you get a chance.

Have a great day!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday stuff.. and a project

Usually I share the project first in each post... then the photos and family stuff..but ... because I'm short on time.. I decided not to move things around at this point. lol
Yesterday .. we started out the morning watching Jarad do a climb to replace an antenna. He'd been looking forward to this for some time. ( I just to my best to be calm) eeek
Below..Him getting his safety harness on. I should have posted a photo of all the guys.. there were a number of the "seasoned" ham radio guys there also... but Jarad and one of the other younger guys were the ones who climbed.

See that little speck at the top? Yep.. Jarad.
He was up there for over 6 hours getting the new antenna in place.
And then..Safely returned to the ground.

\ We weren't there the entire time. We watched him go up..stayed a while and then left to meet Jan and Keith at the cabin. We had invited them out to grill and spend the afternoon. We returned later with them to watch him come down when he was finished.
On the way to the cabin.. we saw this weird thing walking down the road in front of the car. We had been seeing pheasants so I just assumed that was what it was.
( again... look for speck) lol

Wrong! A peacock? weird... we're talking Nebraska here people. I'm assuming he belonged to the nearby farm??

We had a great afternoon at the cabin. Jarad and Kate joined up with us and the weather was perfect to be outside and enjoying the day.

The new door and window are both in now.. the siding replace and the painting done.

It was such a nice day , I hated it to end. But... Off to Orlando.

Brace yourself .. I have Halloween projects to Share. lol
This is a simple little album I decorated with Crafty Secrets Halloween stickers . The album is from Melissa Frances.. the papers used are Crafty Secrets and the tiny black pom pom trim is from Fancy Pants. ( Spritzed with Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist over all.. and the inside pages with Harvest Orange)

I still have the journaling strips to add so....

I left spaces for that

All of these images and letters are from only 1 sheet of Halloween images. ( there are alot on one sheet). You can see them HERE

Kiddos in these photos are my friend Patti's. They are Cuties!

now.. back to summer again.. okay.

or a little while anyway. Until the next Halloween project I post. ( coming soon.. btw) lol

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Fancy Pants line "Little Sprout"

Sharing a 9x9 layout and a card today .. made with the new "Little Sprout" baby line from Fancy Pants.

It's such cute line. I love that it's not just the traditional pink and blue.. because these colors are so fun.. and really easy to use for tiny babies.. or kiddo's that are a bit older.
Of course there is rub ons.. buttons, ribbons ect.. to match all the new lines.

I love this photo of sweetie pie Halle. I saw her briefly , a little over a week ago.. and I could not believe how much she had grown. I'll have to get over there and get some current photos of her to share.

Aren't these little animals cute?

Here's the card. ( I had to put that little bird on the giraffes back.. I just HAD too. )lol

Be sure to pop over and get in on the giveaways on the Fancy Pants Blog , and see more projects that the Design Team have done using this new line.
I finished up the last of my projects and I'm taking today off with my family, before I leave Sunday morning.
Last night I ran in and helped mom with the corn she was freezing. It was fun.. I love spending time with her.. especially doing stuff like this. I am always so in awe of her and how she doesn't let anything stop her. She does amazingly well at 87! She has some problems with arthritis in her hands.. so I tried to do some of the husking and cutting. She would certainly NEVER ask for help.. you just have to sneak your way into it. lol
It will sure taste good this winter huh?

Sweet momma at work in her kitchen.

After we cleaned up our mess.. I headed for home.. an watched this coming at me all the way. It was freaking me out. The sky was just creepy! You can click to see it larger. It rained on me so hard before I finally got home.. I could hardly see. I was just praying ... PLEASE don't hail on my car! Just a few pieces of hail and it stopped. Whew!

Seriously ..the sky was SO weird.. I saw people pulling over, ( before it started raining) video taping it. Me.. well, just snapping pics with my camera. lol

Just glad it wasnt as bad as it looked.

I have posts schedualed while I'm gone.. but I'm hoping to be able to add to those posts while I'm gone.. with my laptop..( we'll see.. it will all depend on time .. and how tired I am. lol)


Friday, July 24, 2009

TECC 75 and a winner

First things first...
the winner of the Journal is LindaC
Congrats Linda.. I hope you like it. Please send you addy.. so I can get to mailed out to you. ( probably after CHA okay?) I leave Sunday.. so not sure I'll hear back from you in time to get to the post office before I leave.
For everyone else... thanks for reading , commenting .. and playing along. I'll always do giveaways... I love doing them.

Today is Taylors Challenge day... so here's my card and Miss Taylors fun sketch

Be sure to check out what all the Cupcake crew have created this week. They do such beautiful work.

*This weeks featured sampler is Alex Maldonado
Taylor VanBruggen
Ana Wohlfahrt
Donna Baker
Jackie Pedro
Jami Sibley
Lynn Mercurio
Monika Davis
Sherrie Siemens
Stephanie Hargis


I'm finishing up CHA projects today and calling it good. Tomorrow we are going to go watch Jarad do a climb.. and then my sis and brother-in-law are coming out to the cabin to grill and spend the afternoon.I havent even been out there to see the new patio doors in and finished up. ( Thanks to Dan , Jarad and Kate.. working on them , while I was off trying to kill myself canoeing last week. ) lol
Spending the afternoon at the cabin with them will be a nice way to wrap things up .. so that I can head out Sunday morning for the airport.
I'm working on scheduling posts here on the blog for next week when I'm gone.. so if all goes well.. and I do it right... you might have some projects using new goodies to look at.
If you don't see anything ... don't think I fell off the earth.. or that anything is wrong.. it just means .. I'm not bright enough to get it all scheduled right. lol... (just covering myself on that one) lol

Okay.. be good. See you tomorrow kids.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More new Tattered Angels products

Whew.. where is this week going? lol
Sharing another layout done with new Tattered Angels layout with you.
Just wait until you see the new BIG Screens. I used one behind the photo on this layout. You can see that much of the actual design here .. just the edges but you can see just how big it really is. Perfect for 12x12's. And the designs are gorgeous.

You be seeing alot more of this screen.. and the other large screen. I'll share soon. But you can see peeks of all the new goodies on the TA blog HERE.

Below is one of the new Chip Tiles... used as a journaling piece. The are embossed with the coolest designs. Rubbing an ink pad over them .. just totally brings out the design.
All the pieces on this layout... paper and all..... all started out WHITE only. Glimmer mist did the rest.

Yesterday I was out and about getting things done... and ran into some beautiful things I just had to share with you.


Oh.. and something else beautiful... Miss Ruthie

She always willing to let me snap a few photos of her. What a doll!
She is my friend Amys daughter.

She cracks me up. You can tell her momma owns a scrapbook store.. because this girl can talk scrapbooking! She knows products.. paper lines.. you name it.
I could talk with her for hours. lol

She as "spunk".

Today the mission will be finish the last of the projects and toss a few more things in the suitcase. I always have to start the packing process early.. just to make sure I dont forget something. ( quirky .. I know)
I have so many new CHA projects to share.. I'm thinking I will just schedule them to post next week while I'm gone.. then take my laptop with me .. and if I have time .. right a bit now and then. At least then.. If I don't have alot of time to write about CHA while I'm there... you can look at the new projects and then I can share CHA photos ect.. when I get back. We'll see how it goes.
**Dont forget to get your name in for the giveaway if your interested. I'm drawing the winner tomorrow!"**

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Crafty Secrets/ Teaching at Mystic Paper in Mesa AZ

I have been having so much fun with these new Vintage Postcard Kits from Crafty Secrets. They can be used so many different ways. Obviously as Postcards.. because of the cool little stamp set that comes with each kit..but also on layouts, put together as a banner, as ornaments, keepsakes or you can add rings and make a little mini album.. like this..

Here's what the kits look like. You can read all about them on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog.


Each of the Vintage Postcard Kits will include: a custom Clear Art Stamp Set, 6 large postcard size images, 12 smaller images embellishments and 18 ivory chipboard pieces.

I used the Halloween set for this little album...but you can see samples of all the themes HERE on the Heartwarming Vintage blog.

I used a tracing wheel on these chipboard pieces and it worked so well.

I missed all the pages with Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist.

I used the extra images and chipboard shapes and charms I attached to the rings , and as embellishments on the pages inside.

I incorporated the stamps here and there , inside the album.

and here... where I stamped on the twill , I added to the rings of the album.


I'm going to share some more pieces made from the postcard kits.. but first I have to tell you what the next projects are for.
I'm so excited to have been asked to come teach at Mystic Paper in Mesa AZ for there 5 year anniversary the weekend of Sept 11th and 12th. (I'll be posting more about it , as it gets closer)

I'll be teaching one class where we will make this shadowbox ...and these three postcard projects. It's going to be so fun!
If you live near Mesa I hope you can come join us.
Mistic Paper- 480-834-0286

Dont forget to leave a comment if you would like you name put in for the giveaway I posted yesterday.

** Since I was suppose to be out the door already.. I need to run! Hope you all have a great day!