Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chip Tiles.. woo hoo

Here's another little sneek peek at a new CHA release from Tattered Angels. They are called "ChipTiles". They are 4x7 inches in size.. and made from the same material as the embossed chipboard pieces from Tattered Angels.
They can be used on layouts, for journal blocks, wall art, mini albums.. altered projects.. ect.
I used two together to make this simple free standing altered piece.
You can see other samples of them on the Tattered Angels blog.
The photo is of my friend Patti, and her sweet family.
The cabin work is coming right along. The new windows are in.. now to finish the trim and painting.

Dan spent the entire weekend finishing up the windows. I think he's ready for this to be done! lol

Other than that.. it's pretty low key around here.

Molly is feeling alittle lost now that Chloe went home to her house. They were great playmates. Now she sits my my desk with a toy and whines. (playing the sympathy card)lol

Tomorrow I'm going to announce another giveaway.. so stop back if you can.

hint: ( it involves a kit).



Kathy said...

I found you blog awhile ago and I juat can't stay away! You are such a talented lady...thank you for inspiring me everyday!**Kathy

Scrapthat said...

They are very pretty! Look forward to seeing all the future projects you do with them too!

Debbie Kaste said...

Vicki, your altered piece is so pretty. No surprising there:) Glad to see Dan got the windows done on the cabin, it looks great. Poor Molly needs a new playmate:( Thanks for posting, always fun to see what you are up to. Debbie K.

Linda B said...

Love the TAC project:D

MJ said...

Thanks to you, I just purchased a Norah Jones tune on iTunes! The mischief you get me into!

Sharon in NE said...

I agree with MJ. You definitely got me liking Norah Jones. It's perfect music for sitting back and perusing your art.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ah.. that is just so gorgeous!! so very gorgeous! and your cabin... it looks like a peaceful place.. wanna be there someday.

michelle granger said...

Love the project and the cabin looks great. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Catherine said...

This is very cool!! The cabin looks great, wish we had had the time to go visit when I was there. Hi to the dogs!! xox.

Kara Ward said...

Fabulous the cabin going to be home to a new studio!

Ellen said...

The altered projest looks the colors you used !!
The cabin looks great too.

Ali said...

Cabin looks GREAT and what a sweet pic of Molly! I need to send you a couple of recent ones of Miss Lucie! They are SUCH TWINS! lol