Friday, July 03, 2009

Feeling like a giveaway today?

Today over on the Fancy Pants blog... they are spotlighting the new "Boys" Kraft Cuts. Here's mine (be sure to pop over and check them all out if you can)

I have to tell you... when I first looked at these photos when I got home to edit.... I was so disappointed in this one ( the photo I used on the layout)..because the background was so blurry. Then... I started to look at it again.. and it started to grow on me. I LOVED the look on Griff's face and the fact that his tongue is out.. he's concentrating so hard. Now.. I think it's one of my very favorites. The kid and his facial expressions.. CRACK ME UP!... over and over again.

I took a round chipboard piece and punched three holes in it to look like a bowling ball. (kinda corny I know..but I had too) lol

** Journaling reads*.. " It's obvious... being a star bowler , is all about style and technique"


I usually try to share the "Creative stuff" at the beginning of each post and then ramble about day to day, or family stuff after that. That way those who are just interested in the "creative stuff" don't have to go through all the blah blah blah.. lol and my family and friends can still keep up on whats happening here. I've said it so many times..... the reason I started blogging was to share photos, and daily stuff with my family and friends who don't live near. Separating them here.. just doesn't make sense because family" IS the reason I scrapbook.

So..that being said...

The "mom" in me is feeling good now..because I finally heard from Wes... ( who has been canoeing down the Dismal river with a friend). They finally got to a spot near a town where he could get cell phone reception, so he called to say they were fine. He said it was a bit tougher than they originally thought it would be.. when they planned this trip. It was a short conversation...but I'm sure I'll hear all about it when they get back. Just glad they are safe.

This is just the first part of the trip for them.. but the rest will be spent with a Cabin to stay in at night. Wes , Jarad, Kate and a couple other friends, have a cabin rented in Long Pine for the weekend. I'm sure they'll have a great time. Jarad and Kate are leaving to meet up with them this morning.. so they are dropping "Cloey" (Kates dog) off here to play with Aly and Molly for the weekend. lol

I'm sure they'll have a fun weekend!


Since today is my 991st post.. and I'm inching closer to 1000. I'm going to draw a name from yesterdays and todays posters ( those who left a comment yesterday.. or leave one today) and do a little give away. I'll announce the winner ( tomorrow) Saturday ..... .... the 4th of JULY

Below.. is what I'll be giving away this time

It's an accordian album, and a mini stamp set... with stickers, paper, trims and embellishments to match.

All you have to do is leave a comment in this post ( I'm putting in the names of those who commented yesterday also).. and I'll draw a name tomorrow.

( if you dont have a blog.. be sure to leave your mail I can reach you if you won. Either that or check back to see)

I'll be doing these giveaways randomly off and on , all month.. to celebrate reaching 1000 posts.

Okay kids ... go play


Tasha said...

Vicki i love that the background is blurry - people pay alot of money for photos to be taklen like this. I love the papers you have used and the cirle layout like a bowling ball - so cool.
Im not sure how i will feel when Mills start to go off on adventures with her friends - although luckily i have a fair while before that starts. Glad you heard from them though!
love tasha xx

Elaine said...

Vic!! What a CUTE FP project! Love that the bowling ball shape is mimicked by the paper - and it's a really cute pic too! :)
Wow - Wes is on the DISMAL river? What a terrible name for a river! lol I'm glad he's ok!! I'm heading to Santa Barbara with our family so I will be 'gone' for about a week...I'll have to catch up with all of your posts later :) Happy 4th my friend! :)

Debbie Kaste said...

What a cute photo of that little bowler! Your page makes it even more precious. Glad your son and his friends are o.k. and having a good time. Happy 4th, Vicki!

Lori said...

I think your page is great! I wouldn't change a thing!

Thanks for a chance at some goodies!


Tam, I am said...

I love that layout! And what an adorable picture!!!!

Linda B said...

I love the bowling picture! He will love it too, especially when he is older:D Glad the canoe trip is staying safe. Us moms have to worry -- if we didn't, who else would?

TattingChic said...

That scrapbook page is cute!

Woo Hoo! Look at that fabulous giveaway stash! Thanks for the chance to win! I sure could do some cute things with that! :)

Darlene said...

Love your blog...such inspirational ideas. The mix of your art and family makes the site so interesting. Thanks for all that you share.

Shawn said...

shoot I just saw you were in lawrence! I noticed that they were playing up there and we actually thought of going but didn't have anyone to watch bethany. So glad you got to see them play it's a fun little town! Love the lo it almost looks like he is glowing from the pic! adorable!

Georgia said...

Cool layouts! Thanks for the opportunity to win

Kathy said...

I love all of your work! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Love the scrapbook page! I need to get busy on my oldest son's as he will be a senior and I'm a little behind.
I haven't tried making a circle page.

Jodi said...

Congratulations for being so close to 1000 posts! I love your bowling layout! Your little one is adorable. I love that his tongue is out! That is true dedication to the game! LOL!

Ms. Cheryl said...

I love circle pages. That green bowling ball looks like a watermelon. I did a doubletake.

KimmyS said...

Hey Miss Vicki - I am not commenting for the give-away but I just had to let you know how much that layout cracked me up. That is totally something my nephew would funny!

And of course your are rocking the FP. I said as much the other day to Nat, that the one Designer we feel always creates 180% gorgeous work is Miss Vicki. FP are so lucky to have ya!

Mary Ann said...

I just love your blog. As a Nebraska native living in the Pacific NW you bring me home every time I read your blog.

Your work is gorgeous and I get such great ideas from you.

Susan said...

Wow - almost 1000 posts! I love the bowling layout - what an adorable expression. Great giveaway too.

janel said...

Just popping in to say Happy 4th. Hope you have a wonderful day...and so glad you got the "I'm safe" phone you can relax and enjoy. Happy happy 4th.

Ellen said...

Wowww so close to 1000 post, that's realy something to celebrate !!
Congrats Vicki and up to the next 1000 :-)) I'll be visiting all the way !!

Montse said...

have a happy 4th july :)
amazing LO, as everything you do!

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

Vicki....WOW! that layout is amazing...I love the big circle and the extension of the star! great job!!!!!

Creative Mish said...

That bowling photo is priceless! and the bowling ball isn't corny! Its creative! It sounds like the canoe trip is going great!

cards4u said...

How fun! My niece just flew down and I took the cousins bowling and of course had my camera a long - this would be perfect! (Bowling alleys are the easiest place to get good pics!) I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing with us and for the chance to play!

Scrapthat said...

LOL Everyone knows the tongue is a vital part to concentration and balance! Great LO! LOVE it :)Glad your son is fine.

Pattyjo said...

I think the bowling ball idea is just so clever! I love your family stories and feel I know them so well.
If I were to see them walking down the street, I would have to stop them and ask them how they liked the canoe trip or their holiday. So many of us feel as if, we are part of your family. :+)

mindy said...

Hope I'm not too late to win a giveaway! Love your really inspires me. Love the profile shot with the bowling bowl. also, I'm jealous of Wes - hee,hee. wish I was on a river today, taking lots of great photos!
Mindy in fla.

she dreams big! said...

Sneaking in hopefully before you draw a winner! Happy 4th of July!

stampqueen said...

LOVE the bowling picture & project - so cute!!!
Looks like your DS is taking a great trip - I love white water but haven't ever done any in a canoe or kayak.
Well better get finished packing - headed north tomorrow am....

Amy said...

This is so cute! I love the look of the chipboard with this layout. It's perfect!

annemk said...

of course a giveaway today would be awesome!
your bowling layout is way cute.
**happy 4th**

harrahx2 said...

Count me in before you draw! I guess it's a good thing the boys have the survival guide! Happy 4th Vicki!

Darcy said...

the bowling ball looks just like a watermelon! Cute picture and great layout!
I also loved the Alligator Skin song playing by the Tillies when I logged on :)
happy 4th!!!
Darcy from Colorado

Country Liv . . . said...

Awe . . . the Griffster's at it again! That boy cracks me up too. I'm sooo glad you heard from Wes so you can enjoy today but . . . Jared and Kate are going too! Children really age us don't they?! Smooches to the pups and hello's to all!
PS: Don't enter me in any of the drawings :)

Anonymous said...

Your "bowler" layout is too cute! Have a Happy 4th everyone!

Grandma Shelley

wendy scrappings said...

You always make such beautiful things! I really love your blog.

And what a sweet giveaway!!!
Thanks for a chance to win.


Anonymous said...

Darling Bowling pix and layout, plus I love your caption! Thanks for the giveaway---hope I'm not too late....MollyK. at