Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Glimmer Mist is too pretty to waste a drop

I have been working with lots of new Tattered Angels goodies over the last few days. I'll be sharing those projects soon...but wanted to show you what happened when I was cleaning up. lol
I usually use up all the Glimmer Mist on my mat by laying manila tags in it. They absorb the color and are so beautiful. I let them dry, set them in a basket on my desk.. and pull them out just to write notes on when mailing something to someone.. or add to a gift ..whatever. The other night.. is was just REALLY late when I was cleaning up.. so I wiped it up with a couple of paper towels .. tossed them in the trash and headed for bed.

When I got up in the morning..the paper towel in the trash caught my eye. The colors were SO beautiful!
hmmmm.... well.. as you can see.. I couldn't let it go to waste. lol
Especially when I pulled out this photo I had taken on the front porch last Fall.. I just had to be. lol

I LOVE the way these embossed Glimmer Chips take ink. After Misting them with Glimmer Mist.. I let them dry, and ink the edges with my favorite (Chestnut Roan color) Cat Eye from Colorbox. (Clearsnap)

The "Favorite Finds" piece is from the "Outdoor" Bingo Boards set. It''s one of the three calling cards that also come in each set. ( along with three bingo cards and three quote pieces)

Oh.. yeah..before I forget to mention is.... did you see this?

Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look!
You can read about all the fantastic giveaways Tattered Angels is doing , over on the Glimmer Mist blog all this month. Better jump over and put your name in the hat. HERE
I had to share this adorable photo of Chloe. lol
Wes stopped here on his way home last night. He shared some photos from his river trip. The first part of the trip , he and his friend Andrew took on the Dismal River (canoeing). I heard lots of stories. eeekkk Glad I didn't know how rough it was for them ..until after the fact. It obviously was a bit more of a challenge than they had anticipated...but you could hear how excited Wes was about the trip in hes voice.
It's is the fastest flowing river in NE. But I said to him.."It doesn't look that fast in this these photos". He said .. well when it was crazy fast.. I couldnt exactly stop rowing and take pictures. lol ( oh.. yeah.. point made) lol

I had to say.. I laughed when I saw the photo below. Looks like it pretty much sums it up. The guy and his facial expressions just crack me up. ( kinda like Griff) lol

After that part of the trip, a bunch of them had cabins rented up at Long Pine.. where the tubed and spent the July 4th weekend.

Weston, Jarad and Kate (far left)

It was great to know the boys where hanging out together.. AND getting a little time away from work. They both work alot of hours .. so this was off time that was well deserved.

Glad to have them all home safe and sound now. (says the mother) lol


Elaine said...

You know, if all paper towels looked that good, I might get more housework done! LOL Love how the colors are a perfect match with your photo -- that's amazing, Vicki!! Thank you for the heads up on the blog candy! I liked the old packages, but the new one is so much easier to see the color! Glad Wes is finished with the river trip :) Enjoy your day sistah!

Susan said...

Gorgeous layout! How fun that you recycled the paper towel - I bet it just shimmers. I've done that too - too pretty to throw away.
Glad that the boys returned safely and had a fun time.

Linda B said...

Your LO is OUTSTANDING! So glad that you took a double-take in the garbage can:D

Scrapthat said...

Beautiful LO out of a paper towel! Unbelievable!!

MJ said...

You know how to catch my eye: use Glimmer Mist in your title and I'll zoom over here to look!

Creative Mish said...

OMG! That paper towel is awesome! I'm always saving little pieces of stuff to add to cards. Coffee cup wraps, Etc... Last week I saved some mesh that was wrapped around the legs of a table that I bought. So much fun adding all the textures!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh yea - love that paper towel. Fab layout with it too.

Hey some fun news about me is that I bought a little sewing machine and have taken to sewing on paper. I am totally hooked! You know your friend Cat and all her fab sewn goodies inspired me greatly. I'm thinking now I might need one of her books - which one do you think I should buy first?

Country Liv . . . said...

ooooh, love the 'paper towel art!' I'm glad the boys had a good time but am relieved for you that they are back on safe ground! That Chloe is adorable-I wouldn't mind baby sitting her.

chelemom said...

I have to incorporate paper towels now into my LO's!!! This looks incredible!!! You never cease to amaze me!

TattingChic said...

That "FALL" page is absolutely gorgeous!

Precious Treasures said...

I like how you made the stitching "look" on the letters. You amaze me!