Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday stuff.. and a project

Usually I share the project first in each post... then the photos and family stuff..but ... because I'm short on time.. I decided not to move things around at this point. lol
Yesterday .. we started out the morning watching Jarad do a climb to replace an antenna. He'd been looking forward to this for some time. ( I just to my best to be calm) eeek
Below..Him getting his safety harness on. I should have posted a photo of all the guys.. there were a number of the "seasoned" ham radio guys there also... but Jarad and one of the other younger guys were the ones who climbed.

See that little speck at the top? Yep.. Jarad.
He was up there for over 6 hours getting the new antenna in place.
And then..Safely returned to the ground.

\ We weren't there the entire time. We watched him go up..stayed a while and then left to meet Jan and Keith at the cabin. We had invited them out to grill and spend the afternoon. We returned later with them to watch him come down when he was finished.
On the way to the cabin.. we saw this weird thing walking down the road in front of the car. We had been seeing pheasants so I just assumed that was what it was.
( again... look for speck) lol

Wrong! A peacock? weird... we're talking Nebraska here people. I'm assuming he belonged to the nearby farm??

We had a great afternoon at the cabin. Jarad and Kate joined up with us and the weather was perfect to be outside and enjoying the day.

The new door and window are both in now.. the siding replace and the painting done.

It was such a nice day , I hated it to end. But... Off to Orlando.

Brace yourself .. I have Halloween projects to Share. lol
This is a simple little album I decorated with Crafty Secrets Halloween stickers . The album is from Melissa Frances.. the papers used are Crafty Secrets and the tiny black pom pom trim is from Fancy Pants. ( Spritzed with Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist over all.. and the inside pages with Harvest Orange)

I still have the journaling strips to add so....

I left spaces for that

All of these images and letters are from only 1 sheet of Halloween images. ( there are alot on one sheet). You can see them HERE

Kiddos in these photos are my friend Patti's. They are Cuties!

now.. back to summer again.. okay.

or a little while anyway. Until the next Halloween project I post. ( coming soon.. btw) lol


MJ said...

I completely understand: I would have to be restrained before my kids could climb something that high! They'd have to put a gag on me too. Probably sedatives. Oh, how the list goes on!

Charlene said...

Glad Jared got down safely! My son is afraid of heights so I would never have to have this worry. Have fun & bring home lots of exciting info.

Elaine said...

OMG - that tower is wayyyyyyyy toooooo highhhhhh!! What was he doing that antenna for?
Love the oval Halloween album - that pom pom trim is delish on there! So many cute projects girl, I don't know how you find the time to make all of them! Enjoy the trip and have fun at the show! :)

DeniseLynn said...

HELLLLLOOOO that tower gives me creeps. wonder what kinds of worries and grays my 2 boys will bring my way as the years pass.

Love the halloween book!! so cute!!

chelemom said...

This little book is darling!!! Have fun at CHA......Wish I were there....... : )

Jodi said...

Really cute album! I love the idea! Note to some Glimmer Mist immediately!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

Gosh I just love the Halloween line and that book is too sweet!