Wednesday, August 05, 2009

and.... I'm home

Just wanted to sneak in .. and post to say.. I'm home, and I have lots of photos to share from CHA...but since I've been home my Internet has been down. Sooo frustrating! It's finally working ..but ..SOOOO slow , at this point. Hopefully later today they will have it back to normal and I can start posting photos.
CHA and the show after where both good shows.. and busy!! My head is still spinning from the retail show. It was nuts! Can you say ..B*U*S*Y lol it was unbelievable.

Feels good to be home now.. and catching up on thing here. My poochies are sticking close to my side. lol
I'll be back to share photos either later today or tomorrow ( providing the internet is back to normal) keeping my fingers crossed.
Missed ya!


Debbie K. said...

We missed you too, Ms. Vicki:) Glad your home safe and sound and can't wait to see the pictures you took at CHA!

MJ said...

Glad to read you are safe & sound and that the pooches missed you!