Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home stuff

Pretty uneventful weekend around there.. and that's just fine with me. I'm just enjoying being at home.. working on projects.. catching up. I have quite a few trips coming up.. so I'm soaking up the "home time" while I can.
I DID NOT paint the photo below... I wish I had. lol...but I just fell in love with it when I saw it. Actually I found it in a shop in an Airport (cant even remember which one) lol ...but it was only $12. Amazing for an airport shop, I know! Anyway, it's a tin print.. and the colors are just all my favorites. I invisioned painting a large canvas and somehow mounting it on there.

It's hard to see in this cruddy photo..but I painted the canvas with pink.. and then kind of dry brushed over that pink with a lighter pink. It needed something I added some papers and a couple of vintage buttons where the papers came together. Nothing major ..but for a few $.. it's something new on the wall.. and I'm really enjoying it.

I also hung this flea market plate . Took down some things I've had up and changed them out .. just for something different.
Now , If I could just find a bed cover of some sort , that I like.
I keep looking ..but nothing is doing it for me yet.
I better find something before it's time to paint again. lol

I wish the lighting wasn't so bad, so you could see the true colors. I had to use the flash... and just look at the difference in the wall color in these photos. lol

That photo on my nightstand is of my dad and I when I was little. It was taken in the Badlands of SD.

Speaking of photos ..
sharing just a few that I took of Hannah the other day. What a sweetheart she is. It was so fun to take some photos of someone who doesn't complain
and run from the camera ... lol ( like my boys do)

I had such fun... thanks Hannah

Isn't she stunning?

Anyone going to be at the CK show in Oklahoma next weekend? If so .. come on by the Tattered Angels booth and say Hello!!!
Happy Saturday Everyone!!


stampqueen said...

LOVE that tin painting and what you did with it!!!! Looks great!!!!

harrahx2 said...

Vic, I was just showing my husband your photos and it amezed us both how you were able to take such great pictures of a young girl and make her look a little older and then on the last one, totally adult! So great. And the tin is beautiful. Have a great time in OK. I won't be there in person but will certainly be thinking of you!

TattingChic said...

I am loving that pink plate!

Catherine said...

Love that painting....and great pics of a beuaitiful girl. You're getting to be as good a photographer as Becky!!

rose said...

oh love what you did with the tin plate very nice
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl

Anonymous said...

I love that paintings...
Thanks for sharing...
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Sharon Harnist said...

Yes, Hannah is beautiful and your photography is AWESOME, Vicki -- fabulous pics!!