Monday, August 24, 2009

Lots to share today

I have lots I want to share with you today... first off..

Some of you know about this ring and how much I love it. There's a story behind it. My brother in law who does silver smithing make it for me. I LOVE this design so much.. it's totally me! I love that it is simple and artsy..and that I can wear it all the time. I never take it off. ( there was that one time I took it off at my work table because I was cutting LOTS .. and it was rubbing on my thumb... lost it and Freaked out! But all is well... a week or so later, I dumped out my big button container .. and there it was. whew! Must have been cutting AND digging through buttons that night. lol

Anyway... So many people have asked me about if they could order them , over the past few years because they wanted one, my brother in law made up some more . Kate, Deb , and Wendy have theirs, but I'm not sure who else was interested. If anyone is interested my sis and brother in law are here visiting from AZ this week and there are sizes, 6 1/2, 6 3/4 , 7, 7 1/2 and 7 3/4 left to sell... so if your interested shoot me an email. They are $30 each.

( they have their ring sizing stuff along , so they can size up or down one size very easily)

The ring in the photo is my original from years ago.. I wear it every single day.. while I paint, ink , sand..ect... and it still looks great.


Also.. sharing a new Fancy Pants layout. I've been just patiently waiting for the time I'd get to use this photo of Ruth. It's one of my favorites.. and SO her!

It's done using the "Dancing Girl" line.
Fancy Pants, paper, felt, bookplate, buttons, chipboard, ribbons and rubons.

It was so funny..because I had called Ruth to ask her what her 5 favorite things were...she needed some time to think about it and then called me back. I thought her list was so sweet.

Thats Ruth.


I also wanted to show you some of the goodies I'm digging through( like a kid at Christmas).. that came from my friend Kathy. She just recently moved and thought of me when she when through some things to get rid of. Too ME..they are a treasure! Thanks Kathy!!

These little plates where in the bottom of the box. The minute I saw them I so hoped they were fit in this tiered plate rack I had. YES!!! perfect... I think they are just sooo pretty!


I have all the windows open today, , catching up on things around here. I love days like this.


One other thing that I have to share ..just because I'm so in awe of the talent of people who can do things like this. I cant image it.

Wes is working on his vintage bike , little by little. One thing he wanted done badly , was to have the seat recovered. He just really wanted it to be"right".

He had heard that this little old couple who had , had a upholstery shop for years,and did a good job.. so he stopped in months ago and talked to them ,to line it up. They were quite elderly and the shop it's self..just a little tiny room attached to their simple little house. He was a little unsure ..but decided to let her try.

He was chopping at the bit for the date to come that it would be done , so that he could ride his bike again. ( they had to keep the original seat at a pattern).

The time came and he went in to pick it up. He left frustrated because there was a sign on the door staying the shop was closed. It stayed that way for a few weeks. He was wondering if he'd make a big mistake.

Finally he stopped back and saw it was open. He went in and the lady said she was so sorry but the seat wasn't ready. Wes said .. he probably had a look of total frustration on his face about then. Then she went on to explain that the day after he had dropped off the seat there, her husband had died in his sleep.

Wes was feeling so bad for feeling so frustrated about the situation once she explained. He told her, .."no problem"...but she promised to have it done in a few days. He said "I understand, and I can just take it somewhere else.. so you don't have to deal with it". But then he thought.. possibly she needed the income? So he left it.

When he went back to pick it up.. it was not only finished ..but PERFECT!

isn't that amazing work? He was so impressed! So am I! I couldn't image ever being able to do something like that.

Every single thing was right on! She defiantly knows her stuff.

I'm thinking my son now has a bit of a soft spot for this elderly woman.

Maybe it's a lesson to all of us to slow down a bit and understand other people have things going on in their lives , that we may not know about... that lead them to the decisions they make.
I know it's a long story just to show you a bike seat ..but maybe theres a message in it?

Patience is something I need to practice also. Things always seem to move so fast. Everything is full speed ahead... and I'm right there.

Sometimes... like today, I need to remind myself to slow down and just enjoy!

Make the most of your day ~*******


Anonymous said...
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Linda B said...

What a great story! It really is good to have reminders that everyone, whether you know them or not, has their own life going on. What a beautiful bike seat:D TFS!

Catherine said...

I agree, what a great lesson to learn....she did do a great job too! Loving your box of goodies too....yumyum! Have a great day! xox.

Sugar Bear said...

Lots of good stuff going on there! Love the borders on the new layout. The ring is beautiful.

Micki said...

oohh I wish I didn't have that arthritis in my knuckles/fingers. I love rings but because of that I have problems fitting rings and rarely wear any. I do loooove the design....
I love your Fancy Pants layout, so clean-fresh and perfect. I had to giggle about your box of goodies.... you would luuuuvvvee to go through my hubbies stuff.
My heart really reacted to the last part of your post. I'm always telling others..... it's ok to be frustrated but should always walk a mile in another persons shoes. Ask,'s all in the tone of voice. And yes, everyone should slow down. As for that seat.... PERFECTION. That is one awesome classic bike.... my SIL's comment.... "Yeah, it's a Honda"...... lol.

becky said...

that seat is perfect! i can't wait to show tom wes' bike! i just saw a guy on a vintage honda and thought it was so cool! he needs a photoshoot with his bike :)

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the story and agree that there is a lot going on in people's lives (as we both know) and you just have to cut some slack now and then. Love the plates and all the fun things you got and the layout is wonderful. Cute kid!

Charlene said...

Great POST! Girl you hit the nail on the head. Just slow down & BREATHE! That little lady did do a great job on that seat. And I love your lay out of Ruth. That photo looks like she is thinking to come up with the answer to "What is your favorite things". Have a great week.

Susan said...

What a wonderful story. That lady is very talented! I love your layout too - cute photo.

Debbie K. said...

Your lay-out is beautiful, Vicki and so is the sweet little gal.

What a nice story too. That lady who fixed Wes' seat sure knows what she's doing. Life is short and unpredictible....Cherish every moment:)

Sandy said...

Boy do these photos bring back boyfriend in high school had the same type of bike, but it was a metallic yellow gold....had a lots of fun times on that bike....haven't been on one sdince :)

MJ said...

Thanks for relaying the story. It is useful to remind us regularly to slow down! The seat turned out beautifully!

Also, great layout! I love the hearts and little details!

(N came running into the craftroom as I was starting to type my comment asking, "What happened to the music?!" Instead, she started singing the Saddle Club theme song. Just thought you'd want to know....

Thespa said...

What an amazing friend to pass along those vintage treasures! OMG! Where can I get a friend like that? LOL

Cool Ring!