Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A midweek mish mash

I've been playing with Fancy Pants goodies to make a little something for Christine and Justin's new "baby to be". It wont be long now.

I used the "Little Sprout" line, some Fancy Pants Chipboard letting , a round paper mache container and four wood balls for feet. ( I'm on a weird kick with that for some reason) lol

As if I didn't love pom pom trim enough already.. they had to come up with this mini pom pom trim to really push me over the edge. lol So CUTE!


I know the contains in each of my posts lately.. have just been so "random"..but it's probably just reflective of how my days have been lately. lol Seems like I'm just bouncing from one thing to another. Lots going on this week. My sis and brother-in-law are back for a visit, so we will be spending the next couple of evenings with them. Then Saturday my nephew Chris and his Fiance Danni are getting married. We have all kinds of fun family stuff going on this week. Yay!


I have to tell you about the strange thing that happened today.
I ran to the post office to mail some projects out ,and the weirdest thing happened. Now.. remember I live in a small town. The people at the post office are most certainly used to seeing me in there mailing projects .. so through conversations about what the heck I'm mailing all the time.. they now know that I "Craft". lol We'll it's been a while since I've been in there since I've been travling ... probably a few weeks. When I walked in .. the postmaster ( a woman).. says... "Oh Vicki I was just thinking of you and was wanting to catch you sometime when you came in to see if , by any chance ..this might belong to you". She holds out a little plastic bag.. and inside is this bracelet.

I looked at it and said, "Where the heck did you find that?".

She said.. "so we were cleaning this counter top here by the register.. and when we pulled the register out .. it was down behind here". ( and she pointed way down behind the workspace counter where the register was)

Okay.. the weird thing about this is ... First of all, I never missed it, Second of all, I made this for a project back when I was on the Design Team for Scrapbook Answers Magazine... Which was a LONG time ago! {YEARS ago} Third .. It was published in the magazine,.. which means they sent it back to me. ( I never open my boxes at the post office). I am baffled. I have no idea how it got there.

Oh well.. glad to have it back. lol

I made this bracelet out of wood pieces from Lauras Crafts. I drilled holes through them.. covered them with pattered papers , rubons and them coated them with Diamond Glaze. After they where dry... I put it together with some beads in between, using elastic nylon string.

Weird .


Thought I'd share some photos Wes sent me from last weekend at the cabin. It was Kates Birthday, so they all had a little party out there. I missed out because I was still in Tulsa.

Below .. Wes and his friend from College ..Griff... driving Jarads dune buggy.

Weston with some of the fish he caught. ick

This week , I also spent one day with an old friend. When our kids where babies, we practically raised them together. Kids are grown now, our lives have changed, but some friendships just weather is all. And this is one of them. It was great getting to spend the day with her.
She and her husband have a great place out in the country and have lots of animals.
fun place

Our dogs have never been around other animals like this. I could almost laugh out lout ..thinking how they would react. They would be FREAKED! Their dogs were so used to it, they just did their own thing and ignored it all. lol

Bella. Aren't her colors gorgeous?

Thanks Sal! It was great getting together. I've missed ya girl.

Okay.. I've rambled enough. If I don't get this posted before I know it , it will be tomorrow and time to post Taylors Challenge.. so I better rap it up. lol
**** Just one more thing though...
Be sure to check out the Heartwarming Vintage Blog post that just went up.. it's just filled with fantastic Halloween projects from the Team. You'll love it!
Okay.. now you can go play


huntla1 said...

The baby box is just adorable. I have a few baby things I need to put together, so you have definitely inspired me. And, I LOVE that bracelet. I totally see why it was published. I totally don't see why you didn't miss it! I am sure you are glad to have it back. I wish my post office had found it for me! :-)

Debbie K. said...

Your box is so cute and I'm glad you got your long lost bracelet back! My post office too is wondering what I'm up to, mailing things out all the!

Elaine said...

I KNEW that was your box before I even saw this was your blog on my google reader!! LOVE everything about it! What a fun size to decorate and the little feet are so cute! Since you didn't miss the bracelet, you wanna send it my way?? ;-) I agree with you about the fish...yuck! But glad they had a good time! :) I'll check those Halloween projects now! :)

Precious Treasures said...

That bracelet store is so weird. Of course they would know something that spectacular had to belong to you. :) It is awesome!

Ali said...

I love your Blog Vicki! LOL! The pics are always so much fun, as well as the stories you tell us.

Now, of course the projects in this post are also AWESOME- WTG! So precious & crative.

Enjoyed the pics of the horses at your friend's place... As you know we have a pony... :o)... Miss Oakley!

GREAT stuff, I look fwd to the time to have a good blog read, and this was fun! TY Vicki. XX-Ali

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh Vic! How I loved this post! So much going on and so much fun.
I laughed at myself as I was trying to figure out what those long skinny fish on the ends of the table were! Had to do a close up to see they we sticks-I thought they were some kind of eel!
The box is so pretty and practical, I'd love to come over and see how you use these lovely things.
The next post with Deb's Kaylie is beautiful. What a lovely project, so dainty and so pink.
Big hugs to you and the hunk and the pups!