Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tattered Angels at CHA

Today I thought I'd share some photos from Tattered Angels at CHA.
Here's the crew.

It was fun to get to spend some time with them. The Crafty Secrets group all spent one evening with them , here at the house they rented for the week..then I spent an overnight there one night, just to chat it up with this crazy bunch.I LOVE these people! lol
The house was AMAZING! Here's the movie room , where I slept. ahhhhh

You cant see it here..but there is a HUGE cushy wrap around couch and chaise lounge chairs , movie memorabilia posters ect... Dark and Cool..... and if not one would have woke me in the morning ... I'm sure I would have slept in here for week without waking. lol

Here is a photo of one of the Tattered Angels Classes
Oh..and here is Miss Liz (Hicks) , sticking her tongue out at me as I try to get a picture of her at the demo table. lol

Here are a few photos of the gorgeous displays in the booth.

Love how these layouts and projects are displayed.

I was so thrilled to see this layout of mine displayed in this gorgeous spot.
It's always so fun to walk around the booths and see everyones creations in person. This Design Team works this product.. so beautifully!

More display walls.

It really is one amazing booth.

One of my bingo card projects.


If you want to see more of the new product and projects done using it.. pop over t0 the Tattered Angels Blog HERE.

I'm getting ready to head out to the cabin and meet up with the fam. Food is ready... just need to pack it up, and hit the road
Hope you are all having a great weekend!


MJ said...

What fun it must be to go to CHA and see all the new stuff coming out and what is being created! Your creative juices must be flowing! Perhaps you are painting the cabin as I type? LOL!

Linda B said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of your CHA photos. I just bought my first 3 bottles of Glimmer Mist and have a special project I'm using them for. I'll let you know how it goes:)

janel said...

I see some of your wonderful projects there...I hope your weekend is wonderful and you are enjoying some of this great weather, and that you get to be with the family.

Catherine said...

What a great display, love your bingo cards!!

harrahx2 said...

Yeah, I'll be there shortly, at the cabin, I mean. What's for lunch? LMAO
Seriously Vic, love your designs. They ALWAYS stand out in the crowd.

Debbie K. said...

Wow. Awesome projects! CHA must have been soooooo fun. Have a great weekend!

Charlene said...

That booth looked amazing! I bet you had a good time but, also are tired! You guys were so funny all dressed alike in that photo. Yep everyone got the same memo. Rest up.

Micki said...

OMG, those stamps.... OMG, I love 'em. How did I miss that they were coming out with stamps???????? ok, off to email Daisy & Joy @eP..... they HAVE to get these, lol. Or I'll be making a trip to NE :-)