Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting back in the swing of things

Well, I'm unpacked, laundry is done, house is clean and emails are pretty much caught up. whew! No time to create yesterday with all that going on ..but I do have this project to share that I finished before I left. I have been dying to use these cute baby/puppy photos I took a while back.
I did this hanging using one of the chipboard pieces from the Fancy Pants "Mixed Media Albums". They are such fun albums... some of the pages are chipboard, some acrylic and some heavy felt. They are great to use as separate pieces also. I used the "Dancing Girl" line for this project.
All the ribbons, buttons, and extra embellishments are all also from Fancy Pants.


While I was gone I got my new "My Book" Planner in the mail. I try to tell everyone about these every time I get my new one for the next year, because they make great Christmas gifts. I cant survive without mine! They are so fun because they also have ink jet sheets inside so you can print out photos or pages to slide in to personalize your book.
I use mine for organizing my teaching, trips, important dates, ect..but as I was just reading the back of the packaging I see they could work for so many different things.
Planning your wedding
Collect recipes and mementos
Record Sports Hightlights
Record Baby's first year
Organize your fitness schedule
and on and on.

I keep mine pretty simple ..because it goes everywhere with me. It sits on my desk for me to refer to when I'm home and in my bag when I go.

I just have photos of my family slid in mine right now. My dates set on the other side and then I also clip extras on the inside. I'd certainly be LOST with out this thing.
I always like to hear things that work well for others, that's why I share things like this that I use daily. If you need a personal calendar.. you'd love this.
Here's where you can get them , if your interested.
Okay... remember me showing you this photo.. and then leaving you hanging on the story? lol
Well here's the scoop. That is my nephew Taylor who is a tattoo artist in AZ... the foot???? well... it MINE! I did it... I have a tat. lol
A little unlike me your thinking? well yes probably..but again.. for me it comes down to two things. ..ART and FAMILY. In this case they ...again... went together for me.
I never really wanted a tattoo..but I consider it a gift of Art ... a gift from my talented nephew.

Here how it happened. We were all out eating lunch and I said, "I'd get a tattoo if Taylor gave it to me". I'm sure he thought I was kidding. He said... " I'm open til 4", and laughed and said "okay then", he said "lets do it!". I said "okay!
Now that's called spontanaity.
Here is a photo of Amber ( my niece), me, Taylor ( my nephew) and his sweet sweet wife, Lena, outside the shop , when we were done.
It only took about 40 minutes. The funny thing was , my mom, and my brother-in-law Ron, sat in the waiting area right there while I was getting it done, and my sister Donna and my niece Amber took photos of the entire process. They certainly got some FUN shots. I can wait to do a little mini album!
All I told Taylor before he started was that I wanted it on my foot,and not very big. I'd like a flower. After that I didn't look until he was finished. I was pleased when I finally got to see it. It's SO something I would choose. A apple blossom.. and PINK none the less.
It's such a great memory every time I look at it. I said... "My suitcases where full and I had to bring something back from my trip to AZ.... so ...." lol

If your ever in the area, here's Taylor info. He is an amazing artist.

Speaking of Being a Proud Aunt and bragging on my nieces and nephews....
I'm so excited about my niece "Neely's" Band "Tilly and the Wall"
Their music is now playing on a Target commercial and also in the new Drew Barrymore movie that is coming out.
I cant believe how you guy are so perceptive! I've had comments and emails from Blog readers , saying they heard "Pot Kettle Black" on a Target commercial , before I even mention it. lol. The commercial will be playing on Monday evenings during "Gossip Girls" on KXVO. that I know for sure .
Here's the video of the song that will play. Pot Kettle Black
( Neely is the one with the long blonde hair in the middle.)


Okay time to get my bedding in to wash.. and then off to get some groceries for my Ohhh so empty fridg!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!


Kara Ward said...

Love the pretty in person. Great seeing you at the "Great" mall. Wish we would have had more time together...leaving tomorrow for IRELAND! Yippee

Charlene said...

You are a brave girl! I don't do needles!!!! But, having it put on your foot was a good place to do it! The skin won't stretch much there & it should stay intact.

I do love your organizer book. I'm gonna go to the site & check it out.

becky said...

oh my gosh vic! i love it! so cool that you did that. can't wait to show tom :)

Catherine said...

Love your new tat, and what a great story. I so can see you doing the spontaneous thing!

Gail S. said...

Glad you had a great time but are back in NE. Love the tatoo!! Now I am going to check out the organizer.

Elaine said...

Nephew did a beautiful job - the shading on the blossom is very nice! Can't wait to see more with the Fancy Pants/tatoo pics ...whatever you make, I always seem to love it!

Micki said...

Ohhhh that is adorable.... I haven't seen the papers, but love 'em. I've seen the planner at Archivers and thought about getting one, but I'm such a Franklin Covey planner person from my former career, lol. I've been looking for something that would combine the craft with the other, lol. I'll have to check it out again :-).
I KNEW that was your foot, lol. Wow, he did a great job. Watch out....they are very very addicting. I have 3 Mickey Mouse and 1 butterfly. although none on my feet.
Hey, will you be at the CK Kansas City in October? I'd love to stop by and say HI in person. I'm pretty sure I saw you last year, but I was 'in the zone', lol.
I thought I recognized that sound/music from the Target commercial.... I was right. Love that song.... :-). It's awesome to see all that hard work and dedication come to fruition. :-) Better go, sorry about such a long comment.

Pam said...

Your hanging project is adorable Vicki, you get the best pictures.

I love that planner, I use a smaller one but, I think I need this! Love how you can turn it into a scrapbook. You could scrap pages for a persons birthday in their month, etc., so cool!

Love your tat, it's really pretty. I like putting it on your foot like that!

Julie said...

Doesn't it feel good to get back home? Thanks for sharing more about your trip--you're brave! I couldn't do the tat thing! Thanks for sharing your planner--I'm definitely looking into that one...I love the idea of personalizing it & I NEED one badly! (I'm not a very organized girl!) By the way--Love "Tilly and the Wall" because of you! Have songs on my iPod. "Alligator Skin" just jumped out at me on day on your blog--thanks for sharing that, too--you have every right to be proud of her! Sorry so chatty! (p.s. Thanks for visiting me on my blog.)

Ali said...

Vicki, so great to see what u have been up to. LOVE your pretty "tootsie" tattoo!! OHMYLAND! I may have to be a copycat nd get one too! LOL. NEVER woulda thunk it!! I am always barefoot and wuld love being able to see it! Teehee.

Love the baby and pup layout. Awww. Welcme home! Missed you honey. Chat soon!!~ Ali

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

You are stink'n brave!! You know those things don't wash off!? I am suprised you didn't get a bottle of glimmer mist!!

harrahx2 said...

I believe I told you awhile back that I heard the band on tv. Tats are so not for looks bruised around the tat, did it hurt?

Precious Treasures said...

Im so excited about Neelys group thats awesome!