Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home for a day

Decided I wanted to share my Arizona photos before it was time to head out for Scrapfest at Mall of America with Tattered Angels. We got home today and I leave again early Thursday morning... so I'll be back posting projects soon... I promise. lol Until then I'm sharing what has been filling my days. We had such a great time with the Arizona family! They just went out of their way to make everything so great for is.

I have to tell you something EXCITING that happened to my nephew Chase....
He won $10,000 in the Arizona Lottery.

Check it out here
How cool is that!
We spent time at Myhres ( my niece and her family), that was so nice. Great to get a chance to hang out with them.
Tate had fun in the pool after dinner.

My nephew Taylor is an AMAZING Tattoo artist.... Here is Amber , Tayor , Lena and I, outside the shop. (Amber and Taylor are brother and siiter, Lena is Taylors wife). My sister Donna and brother in law ,Rons, Grandkids.
You can see Taylors Artwork HERE.

ummmm..... well...there's a story behind this one... I share more on this later. lol

Here are a few photos of Mystic Paper...what a fun place for creativity...

Fun little goodies everywhere.

It's like a creative playroom that you never want to leave.

Check out all the Crafty Secrets goodness.

and .... PS... a little note to my new friend "Deb" ... remember .. I'm coming for Christmas. lol

Below... a cute shot of Donna helping mom across the street as we were hoping from store to store.

We saw lots of amazing things here at Domestic Bliss

All I can say is ... if you are ever in Mesa... don't miss these two stores.

I loved these canvas's!

Gorgeous fabrics!

ummm...see what I mean?


As far as gorgeous scenery... we saw alot.... and trust me .. I took alot of photos!

It was just a really really nice time.

It's after 1am and we were up at 5am this morning to get ready to head for the airport.. so I think it's time for me to head for bed. I leave for Mall of America Thursday and I'll be back with things to share on Tues.

One more thing I wanted to get in this post. Tattered Angels announced their new Design Team!
So excited to be apart of this group! You can read more about it hear on the Tattered Angels Blog.


Nat said...

such fun photos. Arizona looks so cool !!! ahhh- hot- LOL
I'm so thrilled to be on a team with you again- esp. the one where you hooked me up on the products- LOL

Catherine said...

I WANT to go to that scrapbook store, it looks amazing!! So glad you had a good time, don't get lost at MoA.... :-) xox.

Anabelle said...

Hey Vicki! Those pics are amazing. I need to get to Arizona!!! Thanks for stopping by. I'm really excited about the team.!

harrahx2 said...

And a great time was had by all....tell us to be good? You are out running around, all over the place and you tell us to be good?????

Elaine said...

WOW! Looks like a super trip!! I KNEW you got the tat when I saw the pic on FB last night!! Ask Chase if he needs some help spending the $10k!! :)

rachaelwood said...

wow, I am so jealous of those 2 stores you got to go to! Makes me want to Mesa just to go there!

Bev said...

Oh you REALLY had lots of fun on your trip! Congrats on the TA DT! Love the pics of the stores you visited....next time you HAVE to take me!!!

Sheila R said...

Thanks for the Congrats on the Tattered Angels Design Team. Look forward to working with you all all the other talented ladies! Have a great time at the Mall of America!

Sheila R said...

Thanks for the Congrats on the Tattered Angels Design Team. Look forward to working with you all all the other talented ladies! Have a great time at the Mall of America!

Gail S. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time in AZ and now on to MOA!!!?? Can I come?? I look forward to hearing whos leg was in the picture getting a tatoo!

MJ said...

The Arizona trip looked like a blast!