Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sharing ,Sharing and more sharing

Seems like my posts have been long and photo filled lately..but I just have lots to share I guess??? lol Things are moving quickly and I have have lots to get done before mid week next week.. as I leave for AZ. I'll be teaching at
Mystic Paper in MESA AZ, for their 5 year anniversary.... along with Lilia Meridith (Flea Market Studio) , Jenny Hernandez (The Polkadot Pixie) , Sandy Navarro (SMN Designs All things Fabulous), Joise Cirincione, and Mike Putman.
If you live in AZ or know someone who does and might be interested in joining in on the fun Saturday the 12th... contact Mystic Paper at 480-834-0286.

I'm getting excited!!!

( mom is coming with me to AZ and we are going to spend some time with my sister and her family.. cant wait)


Okay.. on to more fun stuff. I have to show you this DARLING ring my friend Amy gave me. I L*O*V*E it! Thankyou Amy!

Speaking of Amy.. here's a photo of her holding up the framed "Tilly and the Wall" collage she made,that hangs in her store (Precious Treasures.)
( my niece is in this band)

Which leads me to this... lol
During CHA , one of the booths there had a photo booth that you could have you picture taken in. Amy and I HAD to! lol
So... I did this little album with the photos , using Crafty Secrets "Party Queen" stamps , "Girlfriend" Image and Journal book pieces, and" Wonderful Women" stickers.

okay.. the pictures of my are really weird. lol

aghh... remember we were "trying" to make weird faces" lol

still need to journal (but seriously.. I think the photos say it all) lol
Everything was spritzed with Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist.

Now.. on to weddings. How I'm working my way into that.... is.....while
we were at Chris and Danni's wedding (which are the photos I'm about to share with you), Amy was marring off her first born. You can see her photos of that wedding HERE.

See how this post is flowing.... lol
Okay.. so now we're talking Weddings.
Below are photos from the most unique , darling wedding I've ever seen. Christopher is my nephew. My brother Ray, and Sister in law Lindas son.
Dani and Chris did such a great job of planning a wedding that was so personal and unique just to them. Which I think is just sooo cool and meaningful!
First of all , it was a small town wedding , which was just so charming.
Danni is a volunteer for this small downs Fire and rescue... so the ambulance played a part, in the photos. lol

I don't know if you know anything about "Sports" in Nebraska.. but it's pretty serious to lot of Husker
You will be able to see the theme of this wedding as you read on and look at the photos.
(Hint.. Huskers... Nebraska... Red) lol

Below is my brother Ray with his Grandson Hunter

Hunter and Great Grandma Dunn ( my mom)

Wedding in the ball diamond... ring bearer in his Nebraska Huskers attire.

Check out the buttons on the tuxes

Addison was focusing .. preparing for her job. ha

Check out those little bloomers.

Even the programs followed the theme

The bleachers outside the ball diamond , in the park were full.
The parents and grandparents sat into the fence nearer the ceremony.
Addison was pulled in , sitting in her wagon by the ring bearer.. tossing flowers along the way.

Saying their vows.
As they were announced man and wife.. and walking out .. the song..
"Center Field" by John Folgerty
played. I never thought that would be a song that would make me tear up..but in this case .. it sure did. Soooo Sweet!

Mr.and Mrs. Christopher Dunn

Addison with her g-pa.. at the end of the day. Needing a nap before the dance started. lol
I'm needing a nap..after that long post! whew
Thanks for letting me share


Elaine said...

I love what you share, Vicki! Your life is beautiful and you have so much to be thankful for! Everything was so neat in today's post! The crown ring, the wedding, the collage, your FUN photo book (at least you were TRYING to make faces....I get that w/o trying!) LOL Enjoy the day!


Carol (HB) said...

You are such a busy girl - but what FUN busy!
LOVE the book! LOVE all the pics! It is always so fun to come here and take a peak into life in NE!
I sure wish you were coming to Scrapfest in Mpls this month. :(

Country Liv . . . said...

Hi sweetie! Thanks for checking in-yep you have an uncanny ability to know when I need a hug! Kim went back into the hospital yesterday with difficulty breathing, chest pains, diarrhea, vomiting, incoherent, dehydrated, in keytoacidosis, etc. They are still trying to stabilizer her almost 24 hours later. She can 'go bad' in just an hour or two . . . phew . . . I get exhausted and sick just thinking about what she goes through.
Thanks for 'being there' for me Vic.
Love ya,

harrahx2 said...

Hey Vic, that's what friends do, they share. Love the pics and love the book and LOVED your friends pics too!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This was wonderful Vic ... thanks so much for sharing!! LOVE the album you made ... so precious for the two of you!! But the wedding was wonderfully unique and I enjoyed scrolling to the next scene ... well done!!!

stampqueen said...

OMG - what a bunch of great stuff today!!! The crown ring - totally cute!!! Love your photo booth pics and book - looks like a ton of fun!!! And the wedding was totally rockin - Husker style and the baseball diamond was a great idea!!! So adorable to have the Flower girl pulled in with the wagon!!!
Have fun in AZ - wish I could go but it looks like me next 'trip' will be Nebraska in any classes planned for mid- jan?

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey sweets,

eeekk i love the mystic paper girls!!
tell them hi.
you have to go around the corner to domestic bliss.
my other fav store in mesa.
Have a great time.
Love the shadowbox that amy did.

Charlene said...

CUTE POST! Hope you have fun in AZ. Cool that your Mom is going to get to join you.

That was a very unusual wedding but clever themes. That little flower girl with the red hair is tooooooo cute.
Be safe!

MJ said...

What a multitude of occasions! And great photos! That ring is perfect for you!

I've never attended a baseball diamond wedding! What an unique idea!

The Apiary said...

Love the ring. That was such a cute wedding. Very orginal and personal.

Precious Treasures said...

Where is our kissing photo? LOL :)