Monday, September 21, 2009

Tattered Angels at ScrapFest

Wow.. so much has gone on in the last couple of weeks my head is still spinning. Just got home a few hours ago,... unpacking , starting laundry.. and catching up on emails. I edited some photos so I could actually do a blog post. Seems like it's been forever! The past couple of weeks have been great but I'm missing "creating" and blogging too! Tomorrow.. I'm hoping to have to some to make a little something.
ScrapFest was a huge success for Tattered Angels... really busy, lots of people eager to learn Glimmer Mist techniques , that's for sure. Over a thousand make and takes a day for three days! That's alot of Misting, .. my friends! lol

Here's the Tattered Angels that worked ScrapFest... standing in front of Archivers in the Mall of America.
A crazy , fun , sweet bunch .. I tell ya! I love them all!

Tattered Angels products at Archivers.
Our demo booth in the mall.
and LOTS of people waiting for our fun Make and Take. They were such an enthusiastic bunch!

Also .... sold out classes... filled with scrappers ready to learn and create.

See that window in the classroom? Well here's what you saw when you looked out it.
Pretty cool huh?

Here's the make and take table.

and you know gotta have a little fun .. as is Misting ..isn't enough.

The very best part of the trip.... I got to see Greg , Trina, Adriana and Austin! ( Greg is my nephew. My sister Sharons son ).They picked me up and we went for dinner at this amazing roof top restaurant in the middle of down town over looking the city , and had a great time together..chatting it up. It was WONDERFUL! They are just such a sweet sweet family.. and I love them so much. ( Here they are standing outside the hotel when they dropped my off)

Oh.. I miss them already!

I still have so much to share with you from my trip to AZ.... and some things I've been working on . Lots of catching up to do this week, here on the blog. Thanks for holding down the fort while I was gone. I miss ya!


Elaine said...

That looks like one AMAZING FESTIVAL!!! WOW!! I now wish I lived closer to Mall of America! LOL Glad you had such a fab time while away - I missed your bloggin, Ms. Vicki!

Carol (HB) said...

Great pics! I think Lisa's hands will be black/purple/orange for a couple weeks at least! lol
I'm sure glad I ran into you first thing! It was so crazy busy that we probably wouldn't have had a chance to otherwise.

stampqueen said...

Looks like you had a good time!!!!
I haven't been to a stamp or scarp fest in waaayyy to long!!!

Charlene said...

Looks like you had a great time!!!!! You sure were kissing some strange looking dude's in those photos! :) Over a thousand make & takes YIKES!! I bet you are having finger cramps from pumping that bottle. Rest & catch up. Can't wait to hear all about it.

LauraB said...

welcome back! missed your bloggin but glad you had such a great time. can't wait for details on the foot art!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

Looks like fun! I went there once, years ago--it's so incredibly HUGE! Wish I could have gone--I DEFINITELY need some Glimmer Mist techniques! Thanks for sharing your photos & welcome home...take a nap!

Debbie K. said...

Welcome back, Ms. Vicki! Looks like you had a great time and happy to know you are home safe and sound.

Precious Treasures said...

Cant wait to hear all about scrap fest as I always think about going.

Had requests for the post card class.

Precious Treasures said...

Cant wait to hear all about scrap fest as I always think about going.

Had requests for the post card class.

Jillisgram said...

I'm sure you won't remember me (there were just sooooo many people) but I got my instructions from you and I mentioned I read your blog. I couldn't quite remember the name thought --- da!
Your Halloween make and take turned out too cute! Thanks for the tips on using glimmer mist, I plan on using it on future projects. Val

mindy said...

I know there is a recession going on but people really understand the power of crafters and scrapbookers!!!

Mindy in Central Fla.

tricia said...

Hi vicki,
(off the title subject)
.. I love the songs from Tilly and the Wall that you have on your blog.. I just saw a new Target commercial, It that their song?

harrahx2 said...

Been missing you Vic!

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a great time, wish I had been there to try out all your make and takes!

Julie said...

Hi Vicki! Just wanted to say thanks for visiting me & for the kind comments! Can't wait to see more about your trip!